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Review results

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

For authors of accepted contributions

The following table shows which submissions have been accepted and in what format. In the coming days, possibly tonight, you will also get the notification of acceptance/rejection via e-mail. Please note, that the presentations and workshops will be given different time slots (see Presentation Formats section below). The decisions on the durations of individual presentations/workshops have not yet been made, and the actual program has not yet been compiled. We will return with this information as soon as it is available. We apologize for the delays.

Please provide us with the following supplementary information as soon as possible:

  • Whether you plan to attend Wikimania and make your presentation/panel/workshop/tutorial. We ask you to confirm your presentation by putting the "x" mark in the "Confirmed" column in the table below.
  • You are also required to provide a short summary of your presentation/panel/workshop/tutorial. It will be used in the final program to help people decide what sessions to go see. We request you to include a 30-word contribution & benefits statement in the "Summary" column in the table with the results (see also Examples of good summaries that are listed below).

To add this information, please either edit this page from your Wikimania or SUL account, or send the information via wiki e-mail to User:Jacek Jankowski or User:Yaroslav Blanter.

Presentation Formats
  • Presentations. Wikimania presentations discuss significant contributions to research and practice in all aspects of wiki collaboration. We encourage emphasizing lessons learned and providing a clear concise message to the audience about the relevance of the work. Each presentaion will be given a 20-minutes (15 minutes talk + 5 minutes for Q&A session) or 30-minutes (25 minutes talk + 5 minutes for Q&A session) time slot.
  • Workshops. Workshops provide an opportunity to discuss and learn about topics that require extended engagement such as new systems, research methods, standards and formats. A workshop should require participants to engage with each other. Time frames: 45min or 1.5h or 3h
  • Tutorials. Wikis are intended to be used, and no format is better suited for teaching the new wiki technology than showing and using it. Tutorials give presenters an opportunity to show running systems and gather feedback. We encourage creating interactive tutorials where participants follow on-screen step-by-step instructions. Each tutorial will be given a 45min time slot.
  • Panels. Panels provide an interactive forum for bringing together people with interesting points of view to discuss compelling wiki issues. Panels involve participation from both the panelists and audience members in a lively discussion. Each panel will be given a 45min time slot.
  • Posters. Poster presentations allow to present work that is best communicated in conversation. Wikimania's lively poster sessions let conference attendees exchange ideas one-on-one with authors, and let authors discuss their work in detail with those attendees most deeply interested in the topic. Successful applicants will be invited to display a poster - 1x2m in size. They will also have an opportuniy to give a short 5-minutes talk at a special session.
Examples of good summaries
  • Accessibility Workshop - "Gain a first-hand experience on how disabled people use your code. With a little help, you will test with screen readers and magnifiers, using Braille displays and speech output."
  • Brainstorming Wikimedia and social media - "Discussion and sharing of practices regarding use of social media to pursue our mission; Identification of benefits, opportunites, risks etc; Hopefully, some seeds for a future strategy or at least discovery of new uses or new tools."
  • Allow, Invite, Encourage: Growing Wikimedia in the World - "This session is about the future of chapters and affiliation. We will analyse where things stand, and discuss concrete plans for growing Wikimedia projects by contributions from around the world."
  • Conflicts between chapters and communities - "This panel will let you understand the conflicts between your local chapter and your editor community, or avoid them if you're planning to start a chapter."
Wikimania Madness

As you start getting ready for your Wikimania presentation, we invite you to prepare a 30-second preview of your work to present at Wikimania Madness. Wikimania Madness is one of the only events at Wikimania that brings all attendees together. You can find detailed information at Madness. We will follow up closer to the conference with additional information about your madness presentation.

Registration will be open shortly and we urge you to register early at Registration. You can also find the Advance Program shortly at Program.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference in Gdansk.


Wikimania Program Committee

List of presentation proposals

  • PaC - People and Community
  • KaC - Knowledge and Collaboration
  • Inf - Infrastructure

1 - 10

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
1 4G Technologies Arjun.M KaC - Rejected Not done 
2 AMBA Ariel Lomban Gaston Gattas ? - Rejected Not done 
3 Batuta's Army: From polish biggest hoax to polish biggest struggle for credibility Bartosz Kosinski KaC During presentation You shall gain knowledge about Henryk Batuta, famous polish hoax and how it inspired the Batutas Army movement for credibility. This will be a start point for more general dialogue about truth on Wikipedia Talk Done 
4 Doctor Who Rhain c KaC - Rejected Not done 
5 Having Wikipedias compete on equal footing Gerard Meijssen KaC/Inf Languages representing hundreds of millions of people are not able to be written in the way we expect for languages like English, Dutch, German.. Once the technical issues are solved, we can expect languages like Hindi, Bengali, Arabic to do much better. Talk Done 
6 Out from the shadow of Wikipedia: PlanetMath at Ten Joseph Corneli KaC/Inf My contention is that Wikimedia, PlanetMath, and others should work together over the next decade to create the next landmark project for open online collaboration: a functioning platform for crowdsourced education. Talk Done 
7 Libre Planet 2010 Francisco Treviño ? - Rejected Not done 
8 Wikicarta: an interactive atlas of world history (project) Charles Alexis Gérard Inf No response Talk Cancelled
9 Project Management best practices for WikiProjects. Arjuna Rao Chavala KaC Many WikiProjects can't be even called Projects, as there are no start and end dates. The best practices in Project management like the concept of iteration, predefined scope are discussed. Talk Done 
10 A Review of Google Translation project in Tamil Wikipedia: Role of voluntarism, free and organically evolved community in ensuring quality of Wikipedia A. Ravishankar PaC Google is translating English Wikipedia articles and uploading them in Tamil Wikipedia. This talk will cover the operational, translational and philosophial issues in this project. Talk Travel plan confirmed. Waiting for Visa

11 - 20

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
11 A history of silversmiths' mathematics Chalkou Maria ? - Rejected Not done 
12 A Living survey of public interest and opinion Rob Beasley Inf Poster
13 Academic Freedom, Internet Freedom and Wiki Freedom LI Zhengrong KaC Visa Problems Talk Not done 
14 Academic Freedom, Net Freedom and Wiki Freedom Zhengrong Li ? - Duplicate of 13 Not done 
15 Acehnese Wikipedia Ignatius Yordan PaC Aceh was strucked by a huge catastrophe six years ago. As reconstruction is going, Acehnese wikipedia was born 2 years ago. The presentation will introduce and explain about Acehnese wikipedia, from the effort of a small community to Acehnese Wikipedia SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threats). Talk Done 
16 www.wm-fussball.ch Jürg Krämer userhelp/userlearn.ch ? - Reject Not done 
17 AskTheWiki - A User Interface for Structured Questions and Answers Daniel Herzig Inf In this presentation, AskTheWiki, a system, which allows to pose questions using keywords to a semantic MediaWiki will be presented. Talk Done 
18 Blue note - MediaWiki for enterprises Markus Glaser Inf The talk will cover enterprise wiki use cases and their differences to wiki use out in the wild internet. Blue note, which is designed to account for enterprise demands, will be presented. Talk Done 
19 Collaborating on Collaborative Video for Wikipedia Michael dale KaC/Inf - Merged with workshop - see W29 Not done 
20 Collaborative Lesson Planning Charles Jeffrey Danoff KaC This talk explores the idea of teachers posting lesson plans on Wikiversity pertaining to common textbook chapters or topics for simultaneous checking, editing, and copying from colleagues the world over. Talk Done 

21 - 30

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
21 Comparing the structure of tagging in a protein-protein interaction network, a co-authorship network and the English Wikipedia Illes J. Farkas, Gergely Palla, Peter Pollner, Imre Derenyi, Tamas Vicsek KaC This talk discusses tagging in three networks. For Wikipedia the category DAG is taken into account, a loop removal algorithm is suggested and carried out. All data available from http://CFinder.org. Talk Done 
22 Connectivity Anastasiya Lvova KaC "Connectivity" project studies and enhances the coherence of Wikipedia, or, in other words, it improves hypertext navigation between articles. The project deals with deadends, isolated articles, non-categorized articles, transitivity of the category tree, etc. Poster Done 
23 Context and Linearity: Representing Structure in Wikis Jani Patokallio KaC/Inf Moving wikis beyond a bunch of unsorted pages: how can books, taxonomies and other structured and/or ordered content be represented in, edited in, and exported from MediaWiki? Talk Done 
24 Culture Can Save Us oskashred PaC - Rejected Not done 
25 Defining possible objectives on Spanish Wikinews Iván Martínez PaC The talk seeks to find best practices in the Spanish Wikinews (Wikinoticias), analyzing and reviewing the actual objectives of the project, aims to expand its reach and increase the project collaborators. Talk Done 
26 Designing Tools for Supporting Wikiversity Courses: the Case of EduFeedr Hans Põldoja, Teemu Leinonen KaC The presentation focuses on open courses where Wikiversity is used with blogs and social software. We present a tool for following and supporting student activities in this kind of courses. Talk Done 
27 Diplopedia: The Evolution of a Wiki Tiffany Smith Liccardi , Linda G. Green KaC Learn about the dramatic growth and evolution of the United States Department of State’s internal wiki of foreign affairs information, Diplopedia, as well as plans for its future. Talk Done 
28 Dynamics of Wikipedia Talk pages: serving the article, showing the community Jodi Schneider KaC/PaC Talk pages are supposed to provide a space for improving the article. Are they as useful as they could be? I'll briefly describe some ways Talk pages go wrong, then share some prototype systems. Your feedback is encouraged! Talk Done 
29 Edit & Revert Trends Erik Zachte PaC I will present a per project visualization of revert trends similar
to earlier presented edit trends, but with more detail.
Talk Done 
30 Enciclopedia Chilena: Bringing it back alive using Wikisource Osmar Valdebenito KaC Presentation of a project developed by the Chilean Library of the Congress to publish an encyclopedia using Wikisource as platform. Talk Done 

31 - 40

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
31 MediaWiki Extension Management Jeroen De Dauw KaC/Inf Reinventing MediaWiki administration - This presentation goes over the goals of a 2010 Google Summer of Code project with as goal the creation of a set user friendly administration interfaces for configuration and extension management. Talk Done 
32 Federating Wikipedia V. Grishchenko KaC/Inf I will discuss the possibility of federating Wikipedia by the means of adopting a distributed version control system, very much like it is done with the Linux kernel development. In general, scaling large software development projects consistently led to greater decentralization/autonomy. Is it possible to decompose Wikipedia into a network of peer repositories that exchange edits? Talk Done 
33 Feudal Wikipedia: The emergence of Government on Wikipedia Marc A. Pelletier PaC Lessons learned from the emergence of government and society structures in medieval societies: can we learn from history to improve governance on Wikimedia projects? Talk Done 
34 First steps towards accessibility Rodan Bury PaC/KaC/Inf How Wikipedia can become accessible : improvements needed in Mediawiki's core and extensions, and how to guide users into producing accessible content. Yes we can! ;-) Talk Done 
35 Fitnesse – an UAT tool beyond compare for ETL testing Ashwin Kumar I R KaC A practical knowledge sharing session on Fitnesse. The ease with which I used Fitnesse would be discussed interactively. Would be sharing about the user friendliness about this wiki tool. Poster Done 
36 Five Years of Structured Wiki Data with SMW: Experiences and Directions Markus Krötzsch KaC A simple introduction to SMW (a.k.a. Semantic MediaWiki), the popular data management extension to MediaWiki. The talk includes some lessons learnt about using SMW effectively in practice (and avoiding common pitfalls), and gives an outlook on the future of SMW. Talk Done 
37 Flagged revisions study results Felipe Ortega Inf Relevant results and lessons learned from the study of impact of flagged revisions on the German Wikipedia, sponsored by Wikimedia Deutschland. Accessible level (even if you don't like stats). Talk Done 
38 Forbidden love or the case of collaborative knowledge in an Argentinian University Gabriela Mejias KaC The conflict between traditional education and the way students try to approach collaborative knowledge in an Argentinian university. How some possible usages of Wikipedia could promote collaboration in academic research. Talk Done 
39 Why do Editors Leave Wikipedia? A Survey of Casual Contributors Howie Fung PaC Why do editors leave Wikipedia? What can we do as a community to encourage promising newbies to stay? This presentation will review the findings of a survey of 1,200 casual contributors to the English Wikipedia who left during 2009. The survey was aimed at getting a better understanding of why editors leave Wikipedia and how factors such as community, complexity, and personal circumstances affect their decision to stay or leave. Talk Done 
40 From Russia with love and squalor: an overview of Russian Wikipedia Vicki Doronina PaC Look inside one of the biggest Wikipedia chapters community usually separated by the language barrier. Learn from the past and present of the Russian Wikipedia. Talk Done 

41 - 50

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
41 Using wikis for sharing in real life Kasper Souren PaC Poster
42 General Tso's Chicken Song Gabriel Espinal ? - Reject Not done 
43 Geodatas in Wikimedia projects Kolossos KaC Starting with the WikiProject Geographical coordinates the presentation will show the usage of wikipedia content on a map. Also geocoding on Commons will be a topic. Finally the possible future of Wikipedia-geocoding by referencing to OpenStreetMap objects will shown. Talk Done 
44 Google translation Michael Galvez PaC We will present Google's Wikipedia translation projects, including motivations, methodology, data, and tools. We also want to hear from Wikipedians to see how Google can help grow Wikipedia content around the world. Talk Done 
45 History in Wikipedia: towards processes explanations, rather than simple data Iván Martínez KaC The talk will discuss the specific proposal for improve the writing and research of key historical articles, focused in explanation of processes, rather than simple factual descriptions. This multifactor explanations necessarily affects the quality, improvement and growth in the number of articles on the same topic and related. Talk Done 
46 Improving Usability Collaboratively Erik Moeller, Parul Vora, Trevor Parscal, Howie Fung Inf Talk Cancelled
47 Increasing multimedia participation on Wikimedia websites Guillaume Paumier Inf We will present our new upload interface for Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia, based on research including videos of users testing the interface, and discuss future improvements to the user experience related to multimedia. Talk Done 
48 Informing Design with Data Micah Alpern KaC/Inf Data is a powerful tool to inform and inspire new user experiences. Hear stories of how LinkedIn, Yahoo!, eBay, and the Wikipedia Fundraising team used analytics to improve decision making. Talk Done 
49 Innovative Training Methods for Technical Studies in India D J Joel Lazarus ? Poster
50 Interlanguage links in Wikipedia: current problems and future development Innocenti V. Maresin Inf/KaC Current standing of interlanguage links in WP. Problems: lack of attention, technical and conceptual flaws. Traditional approach and proposed alternatives. Ways of extension: redirects as target, sections as source. Integration with categories. Talk Done  I will do my best to keep this presentation in the program, with or without me.

51 - 60

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
51 Jus Internet - Wikipedia and the future of law of Internet Joanna Kulesza PaC Jus Internet is a new proposal for Internet governance. It combines ius gentium – the root of international law with the self-adopted regime of cyber-communities, that Wiki-community is prime example of. Talk Done 
52 Let's Get Video on Wikipedia Richard Knipel, Ben Moskowitz PaC Merged with workshop - see W29
53 Indian Language Wikipedias - A Comparison study & Malayalam wiki projects - Current status and future strategy Shiju Alex PaC This is a comparative evaluation of Indic language Wikimedia projects with the focus on Malayalam. The factors that get ml-wikipedia high on quality indicators and future plans of mlwiki projects are investigated. The issues faced by Malayalam wikimedians due to the changes in the unicode standard will also be presented. Talk Done 
54 Maps and Semantic Maps Jeroen De Dauw Inf Mapping on MediaWiki - A introduction to the capabilities of the Maps and Semantic Maps extensions and how you can use them to enrich your wiki. Talk Done 
55 Structure of the German Mentoring Program and international comparison Tim Moritz Hector PaC "Best practices in mentoring programs": Introduction to the structure of the German mentoring program and mentoring programs in other language-versions. Includes a short discussion about other approaches and the most important components to build a good mentoring program. Talk Done 
56 Wikimedia's Mobile & Offline initiatives Tomasz Finc ? One of the strategic investment areas that the Wikimedia movement has decided on is a focus on Mobile and Offline. Come by to find out and discuss the areas where we are doing active research, development and collaboration. This will include both Wikimedia software projects along with stragtegic partnerships that are being explored. Talk Done 
57 OTRS: Wikimedia's customer service department Jim Redmond PaC Talk Cancelled
58 Open Linked Language Data: Building a Collaborative Database for Hanzi and Kanji Christoph Burgmer, Hans-Jörg Happel, Jens Wissmann KaC Working with CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) languages requires good quality data on characters. We present CharacterDb, a Semantic Wiki for editing and querying character data which can be consumed by external tools. Talk Done  (not on Sun afternoon please and disjoint from W20)
59 Open-source knowledge, the history, the present and the future. V. V. P. S. PaC/KaC The culture aspect of open source knowledge. Wikimedia foundation vs. the world cultures. Impact on scientific research. Talk Done  Sat/Sun please
60 Why your extension will not be enabled on Wikimedia wikis in its current state and what you can do about it; performance, scalability and security for extension developers, Roan Kattouw Inf This presentation warns (extension) developers of common pitfalls associated with writing software that will run efficiently on the massive scale of Wikipedia, and describes how to avoid them. Talk Done 

61 - 70

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
61 Personality traits of Polish Wikipedia members Psychology PaC Presentation on personality of Polish active Wikipedia members and their openness in the Internet compared to real life. Comparison with similar research among English Wikipedians. Talk Done 
62 Pushing MediaWiki Internationalization: Insights into MediaWiki i18n at a large multi-language service provider Tim 'Avatar' Bartel KaC/Inf Using the cooperation between Wikia and translatewiki.net as case study, we will focus on internationalization issues facing online communities, highlighting both benefits and challenges in a corporate and volunteer collaborative endeavor. Talk Done 
63 Open Educational Resources: Brazilian Challenges and Perspectives Carolina Rossini PaC/KaC Talk Not done 
64 Reciprocal Enrichment between Wikipedia and Machine Translators Mikel Iturbe (Janfri), Unai Fdz. de Betoño, Galder Gonzalez, Arkaitz Zubiaga, Iñaki Alegria, Gorka Labaka, Kepa Sarasola KaC We will present the details of the Machine Translation OpenMT-2 project, showing the positive aspects of a collaborative work among Wikipedia and universities, with the aim of increasing available resources for information treatment and generation. Talk Done 
65 Reclaiming the Public Metadata Commons, Starting With Video Kurt Bollacker, Richard Martin KaC

Corporations often control our tags and comments on web content. This is a presentation of a new project to extract and create a public metadata commons from proprietarily hosted media.

Talk Done 
66 Reflect: A Tool for Discussion Summarization and Active Listening Jonathan T. Morgan (Presenting Author), Travis Kriplean, Lance Bennett, Alan Borning and Deen Freelon, Michael Toomim Inf This talk will introduce a new tool designed to encourage active listening and reflection in online comment threads. The presenter will demonstrate Reflect and present an overview of the problem space, design rationale and potential use cases for the tool. Talk Done 
67 Reflections on Wikimedia Commons Michael Snow KaC This talk will offer an assessment of Wikimedia Commons as a media resource, covering both strengths and weaknesses, and incorporating the perspective of an end-user operating outside the Wikimedia environment. Talk Done 
68 Secrets to the success of the Swedish Wikisource Lars Aronsson KaC No response Talk Cancelled
69 Semantic Search on Heterogeneous Wiki Systems Fabrizio Orlandi KaC We propose a system to enable searching and browsing capabilities across different wikis in a unified way just using Semantic Web technologies, W3C recommendations and Linked Data principles. Talk Done 
70 Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Revision Metadata and the STiki Anti-Vandalism Tool Andrew G. West PaC STiki is a tool applying machine-learning over spatio-temporal features of revision metadata to detect likely instances of vandalism. A real-valued “vandalism score” determines presentation order to a crowd-sourced user-base. Talk Done  (A July 9 or 10 slot is preferred)

71 - 80

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
71 State of the art on Wikipedia research Felipe Ortega KaC Overview of recently published research works on Wikipedia, focusing on connections and related lines, showing what we can learn from these contributions to leverage our understanding of Wikipedia. Talk Merged into 75
72 Tamil Wikipedia: A Study of Challenges and Potentials in Relation to the Socio-Cultural Context of the Tamil Community R. Mayooranathan PaC Analysis of Tamil Wikipedia in its socio-cultural context. Covers challenges faced, strategies adopted and identifies potentials of the project in spreading knowledge through Tamil Language. This would help in developing strategies for many other language wikipedias too. Talk Done 
73 Opasnet Base: Mediawiki as a database UI Juha Villman KaC How to create a database that is flexible enough to store information in almost any format and how to use and integrate that data into Mediawiki. Poster Done 
74 The Language Commons Wiki User:Lbwelch KaC Building a structured wiki of open data for all of the world's languages Talk Done 
75 The State of Wikimedia Scholarship 2009-2010: WikiSym and Beyond Benjamin Mako Hill, Felipe Ortega, Mayo Fuster Morell PaC This talk offers a tour of the last years scholarship on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects aimed at at Wikimedians and touching on several of the years most important findings. Talk Done 71 merged into this talk
76 The Wiki as an Organism (with examples from Wikipedia) Maysara Omar PaC IF a wiki, any wiki, was a living organism that is always dependent on others to live; what the "environment" in which this living organism grows and prospers would be like? And what possible elements and factors in that environment would cause it to diminish and decay, and how to handle them? Talk Done 
77 An SMW-powered Analytic Encyclopedia Mark Greaves KaC We will describe our experiences building a prototype SMW-based encyclopedia, which supports consensus over data elements as well as over text, and supports encyclopedia authors in writing visually compelling, data-rich articles. Talk Done 
78 Beyond the Encyclopedia: The Frontiers of Free Knowledge Erik Moeller KaC The Wikimedia community has successfully built the most comprehensive encyclopedia in human history. Will free culture succeed in other domains - like news, dictionaries, textbooks, maps, or 3D objects? Talk Done 
79 Wikimedia and the A/H1N1 flu: a documented pandemic. Vladimir Herman Miguel KaC/PaC A review with Wikimedia's approach about the pandemic that it shook to the world during 2009. What happened indeed and which are the consequences that it leaves us for the future? Poster Done 
80 We were promised Xanadu. The original hypertext system and how Wikimedia projects can benefit from its concepts. Jakob Voss KaC/Inf A description of Ted Nelson's original Hypertext system "Xanadu": It will be shown which of its features are important especially for open Wikimedia projects that contain a lot reuse and referencing. Talk Done 

81 - 90

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
81 Wikiexpedtion - an approach to mix outreach and data colecting social activites Kocio PaC Wikiexpedtion - an expedition around one of the regions of Poland focused on gathering photo documentation. We want to share our experience with Wikimedia community to spread our idea. Talk Done 
82 Essential Tenets for the Maintenance of our Common Good Alan Page ? - Reject Not done 
83 Virus vs. antivirus presentation subhendu ghosh ? - Reject Not done 
84 Growing in Knowledge and Creativity Victoria PaC - Reject Not done 
85 Threaded discussions on Wikimedia sites with LiquidThreads Andrew Garrett Inf MediaWiki's ad-hoc discussion system has proved difficult to use and difficult to scale. I present the work that I have been doing with the Foundation's support, to implement a more usable and scalable system, without sacrificing the flexibility that we enjoy with our current ad-hoc system. Talk Done 
87 Life As We Know It not provided ? - Reject Not done 
88 Wikiversity: problems and possible solutions Daniil Alexeev, Alina Matlashenko KaC Why Wikiversity did not self-developed so well as Wikipedia or even Wikibooks? How make WV financial independent from worldwide political founds? We will try to answer this and more questions in our panel. Poster Done 
89 The role of Women in the Wikipedia community. A case study from Spanish Wikipedia. Ivana Lysholm, Valeria Mina PaC We intend to explore the particularities of female involvement in es.wikipedia. We'll discuss an apparent paradox: few women, but a strong group leading the community. Why? What do women have to offer? How to tackle the sex divide? Talk Done 
90 Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware - Software made the wiki way Marc Laporte Inf The Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. How? Wiki community, All-in-one codebase, Dogfood & Scheduled releases -> http://tikiwiki.org/Model PHP/MySQL/Zend Framework/Smarty/jQuery. Poster Done 

91 - 100

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
91 TraduXio: Translation and Multilingual Content Management Philippe Lacour KaC Talk Not done 
92 Trends in Wikipedia Communities Ronald Beelaard PaC Numerical analysis of database dumps shows a definite shrink of Wikipedia on certain key parameters, mainly related to changes in community demographics. This applies to the largest as well as smaller projects. Talk Done 
Preferably a 30 min. time slot on Saturday
93 Using Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool – the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative and the path to an effective and sustainable collaborative environment with the world of higher education Pete Forsyth, Rod Dunican, Frank Schulenburg PaC This session will give an overview about a 17-month pilot program that will help inform how to best engage new contributors in the improvement of subject-specific articles on Wikipedia; it will introduce the new concept of "Wikipedia Ambassadors" as well as new software features and concepts that will help new contributors through their first 100 edits. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion about the future of using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in higher education. Talk Done 
94 WIKI Answers Unanswered WHYs. Piyush Singh KaC - Rejected Not done 
95 Why not all Wikipedias are equal: My experiences on English and Telugu Wikipedias User:Gurubrahma PaC In comparing the largest Wikipedia with a smaller one (the 48th largest in article count), I build on my personal experiences and try to explore why contributions to Wikipedias differ. Talk Done 
96 Wiki Lima Juan Carlos Mujica PaC Poster
97 Wiki Platforms in High Assurance Environments: Beyond Intellipedia Nathan Singleton Inf This session will cover concerns and issues related to sharing information in a collaborative Wiki type environment between organizations requiring integrity and confidentiality of data, and briefly provide potential solutions. Talk Done 
98 WikiCause-Proposal for a Wikimedia Sister Project for Creating a Social Platform for promoting Internet Activism Vineeth Sandadi KaC Poster
99 WikiProjects and Automation: Be lazy so you can work hard Gaëtan Landry KaC In this talk, I will share my experience with some medium to large-scale collaborations on the English Wikipedia and the bots used to make them possible. Talk Done 
100 WikiQuiz - automatic generation of multiple choice question sets using the Wikimedia projects, raw text processing and metadata tags Kristoffer Mellberg KaC A draft for a system which would automatically generate multiple choice questions based on Wikipedia text and meta-tags, and use feedback from quiz games front-ends to improve the question set and algorihtms. Poster Done 

101 - 110

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
101 Wikievolution: on Growth of Complexity and Diversity of Wikimedia Projects. Sebastian "Przykuta" Skolik, Michał "Aegis Maelstrom" Buczyński PaC Ideas emerging in one place, elsewhere may thrive or die. No common path of evolution makes a growth of particular wikiprojects unpredictionary. Let us discuss together these differences, opportunities and limits of interproject co-operation. Talk Done 
102 Wikimedia Germany's Software and Infrastructure Projects Daniel Kinzler Inf This session will provide an overview of Wikimedia Germany's software development and hardware infrastructure activities. There will be some insight into onloing projects, the medium and long term strategy, and discussion of challanges. Talk Done 
103 Wikimedia in Japan: Acculturation and Outreach KIZU Naoko PaC This presentation will show you how Wikimedia culture and Japanese culture have interacted on Japanese language Wikimedia projects and what Japanese Wikimedians nowadays begin to give back to the Japanese society. Talk Done 
104 Wikimedia's Five Year Strategic Plan Eugene Eric Kim PaC I'll discuss the five year, movement-wide strategic plan, describe how it emerged, and facilitate a discussion on opportunities and next steps for Wikimedia. Talk Done 
105 Wikimedia's Point of View. On Various Truths and Methodologies to Reach Them. Michał Buczyński PaC High quality and civil Wikimedia need a clear, possibly non-arbitrary method of establishing what is true, complete and well-balanced. Unfortunately, we have different ideas what precisely "NPOV" is. We will examine together the key differences and challenges in meeting consensus. Talk Done 
106 Wikimedia: Striving for an International Organisational Scope, The Importance of Culture Delphine Ménard - notafish PaC This presentation will be looking at Wikimedia and outside organisations to outline ideas of what models are desirable or possible to expand Wikimedia's outreach internationally, while pointing out the cultural differences that may hinder or foster development of an accepted chapter model. Talk Done 
107 Wikipedia Books: How Offline Improves Online Gaëtan Landry KaC Wikipedia Books are a new way to visualize Wikipedia content. I will explore the several ways the production of offline content affects the quality of the online content. Talk Done 
108 Wikipedia as an alternative to traditional civic activism Jerzy Celichowski PaC Contributioning to wikipedia can be seen as voluntary work. Traditional indicators of volunteering culture serve as a poor indicator for predicting active wikipedias (number of articles per number of speakers of given language using internet) in the EU. I will try and explain why this is so. Talk Done 
109 Wikipedia at schools. The Catalan experience. Joan Ramon Gomà, Pau Cabot KaC The presentation will explain a experience of aplying Wikipedia at Balearic Islands schools. The obtained results and its evaluation will be presented as well as improvements foreseen for course 2010-2011 and the enlargement to schools of other Catalan speaking territories. Talk Done 
110 Power embedded in the governance infrastructure of online communities: Wikipedia as a digital common in contrast to other cases Mayo Fuster Morell PaC The term COMMON-base peer production is used to refer to Wikipedia, but also to other type of online communities. From an analysis of power embedded in the five main models of governance of online communities (which not only consider the community, but also the infrastructure providers – i.e., the Wikimedia Foundation for the case of Wikipedia), I will argue that Wikipedia can be defined as a digital commons, however, other types of online communities (such as Flickr) can not be defined as digital common. Talk Done 

111 - 119

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
111 Submissions/Wikipedia in the Brazilian press - The growth of trust Betty VH PaC Talk Cancelled
112 Submissions/Wikipedia is not the sum of all human knowledge: do we need a wiki for open data? Finn Årup Nielsen KaC Scientific knowledge we want to collect in wikis is not always suitable for Wikipedia. I will give examples on specialized data that is entered and utilized in neuroscience wikis, showing the limitations of our present conception of Wikipedia. Talk Done 
113 Submissions/Wikipedian in Residence Liam Wyatt KaC Outcomes and lessons learned from being the "Wikipedian in Residence" at the British Museum Talk Done 
114 Submissions/Wikis In Print 2010 Heiko Hees Inf This talk gives an overview of the book tool which got deployed on all major WMF projects. Demo of the features, how to get printed books, technical background, community adoption, open issues, development roadmap, how to help Talk Done  (before Sat 10th 14:00 or after Sun 11th 14:00)
115 Submissions/Wikiversity: a project struggling with its scope and identity Cormac Lawler KaC This talk will give an overview of Wikiversity's development as a Wikimedia project, detailing the problems that it has faced over its first few years, particularly the challenges of defining what a wiki-based space for learning should be and do. Talk Done 
116 Submissions/Creating free audio for Wikimedia projects A1 ? What can we do to make a collection of audio files in wikimedia usefull for educational purposes Talk Done 
117 Submissions/Digitization of cultural heritage in Argentina Beatriz Busaniche, Maximiliano Tocco KaC Argentine Public Television is digitizing its old archives. Our goal is publishing them in Wikimedia Projects. This presentation will talk about this project and the legal issues we are dealing with. Talk Done 
118 Submissions/Polish and New York open education alliances: the future model for broader cooperation? Tomasz Ganicz & Pharos KaC Polish Coalition for Open Education and Free Culture Alliance NYC are semi-formal agreements of non-governmental organizations working in the field of education. Our current achievements and similarities will be discussed. Talk Done 
119 wm2010:Submissions/Libraries_and_Wikipedia John Dove KaC How can publishers, aggregators, and others with a commercial interest in libraries, and even libraries themselves work with Wikipedian editors in such a way as to strengthen Wikipedia entries and content while also serving libraries? Talk Done 

List of panel proposals

Bib Title Presenter (* = first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
P1 Issues with the numbers game that is the strategy project Gerard Meijssen KaC/Inf The numbers that underpin the strategy for the next five years can be interpreted in many ways. This is partly due to sources that have provided incomplete data. This is partly due to a bias for the big Wikipedia languages. In this way the smaller projects and languages do not get the attention that they need. Talk Done 
P2 Restricted websites in Pakistan.China wasn't the half of it. Nadia Siddiqi ? Poster
P3 The Search Box that Follows You David Grogan Inf Poster
P4 Academic Researchers in Wikimedia Communities: Ethics, Methods, and Policies R. Stuart Geiger PaC Researchers in my wiki? It’s more likely than you think. This panel will foster dialog between wiki researchers and the community over various logistical, ethical, and policy-related concerns. Panel Done 
P5 Allow, Invite, Encourage: Growing Wikimedia in the World Achal Prabhala, Erik Möller, Delphine Ménard, Lodewijk Gelauff, Phoebe Ayers, Arne Klempert, Milos Rancic PaC This session is about the future of chapters and affiliation. We will analyse where things stand, and discuss concrete plans for growing Wikimedia projects by contributions from around the world. Panel Done  (Please give us adequate time (>1 hour), and please schedule this on the first day or first half of second day)
P6 deletion sprees to sticky prods - What has been happening to Biographies of Living People on EN wiki, and what can be learned from it? WereSpielChequers KaC Discussion of one of EN Wiki's more turbulent areas with a diverse panel of Wikipedians. Panel Done 
P7 CRACK A DROGA MALDITA E O HOMEM ZUMBÍ Snitram Notlimah ? - Rejected Not done 
P8 Conflicts between local Wikimedia chapters and their respective editor communities User:Harel PaC This panel will let you understand the conflicts between your local chapter and your editor community, or avoid them if you're planning to start a chapter. Panel Done  (Saturday or Sunday only please)
P9 Documentary Screening: Truth in Numbers, Covering the Wikimania community Andrew Lih, Nic Hill PaC Special evening session Panel Done 
P10 Creative Commons global affiliate network–origin, role, future, including collaboration and shared learnings with Wikimedia chapters User:Mike Linksvayer PaC Creative Commons' 100+ affiliates are sometimes cited in Wikimedia chapter discussions. We'll discuss the reality of the network, how we've been inspired by Wikimedia chapters, future collaboration and lesson sharing. Panel Done 
P11 How information on Wikipedia spreads to other media MADe KaC Wikipedia content circulates online and spreads to other media. How does this happen, how do we stimulate and control this, and how do we prevent other sources from copying our mistakes? Talk Done  I'm only flying in on friday so friday is not possible. I'd prefer sunday
P12 Lessons learned from the development of national OER strategies Melissa Hagemann, Jan-Bart de-Vreede, Everton Zanella Alvarenga, Alek Tarkowski KaC We will look at the experiences of the development of national open educational resources (OER) strategies in the Netherlands, Poland and Brazil and discuss what lessons can be learned to support further expansion of OER globally. Panel Done 
P13 Minority Languages and Wikipedia Arto Lanamäki KaC This panel will discuss what is the current status of minority languages in Wikipedia. What is the right path for future development? Panel Done  Place this either for Friday or Saturday please.
P14 Social identity enactment and roles creation in Wikipedia community Dariusz Jemielniak (User:Pundit) PaC I will discuss the different roles taken by Wikipedians and try to interpret them through power/knowledge twixt. Talk Done 
P15 Template scripting Victor Vasiliev Inf Presentation of a programming language which may be embeddable to MediaWiki templates. Review of other possible solutions to the problem of growing template complexity. Talk Done  (please put it on second or third day)
P16 Mediawiki internationalization and community feedback Siebrand Mazeland, Kizu Naoko PaC/Inf A panel discussion with interaction with the attendees about the current state of Wikimedia and MediaWiki globalisation efforts that are coordinated from Wikimedia Meta and translatewiki.net, and brainstorming on possible process improvements. Panel Done 
P17 Panel Discussion for Knowledge Sharing: How to make a Wiki Event Manuel Schneider PaC Sharing experience and best-practices on how to organise events with volunteers. Organiser and participants from different Wikimedia events from different countries and cultural regions will answer questions. Panel Done 
P18 The organization of lusophone Wikipedia Pietro Fornitano Roveri PaC Results of interviews performed with 18 major contributors of Pt Wikipedia. The interviews addressed: activities outside the Wikipedia, political motivations, characteristics of work on Wikipedia and perception of the importance of Wikipedia in society. Talk Done 
P19 The future of User experience at Wikimedia Danese Cooper, Erik Möller, Guillaume Paumier*, Howie Fung, Parul Vora, Priyanka Dhanda, Roan Kattouw, Trevor Parscal Inf This panel is an opportunity for the community to engage in a dedicated, general Q&A session about user experience with the WMF team, and to discuss our short- and longer-term projects. Panel Done 
P20 Towards a free culture and access to knowledge movement? Mayo Fuster Morell, David Harris & Beatriz Busaniche PaC In order to preserve the digital citizens rights an urgent question needs to be address in regards of counteracting the influences of the powerful lobbies of the copyright industries on governments. The panel means to map the state an international movement on free culture and access to knowledge and contribute to develop a common agenda and actions. Panel Done 
P21 WikiTV: The Open Media Project Tony Shawcross KaC Talk Cancelled
P22 Wikimedia Asia Project Morgan Chan (Wikimedia Hong Kong, Wikimedia Asia Project), Jeremy-Yu Chan (Wikimedia Hong Kong), Ting Chen (Wikimedia Foundation), Bishakha Datta (Wikimedia Foundation), Josh Lim (Wikimedia Philippines), Srinivas Gunta (Wikimedia India) PaC The Wikimedia Asia Project is an effort by chapters in the Asian region (population ~3 billion) to coordinate in sharing knowledge, pooling resources, hosting events and promoting Wikimedia across Asia. Panel Done 
P23 Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects as a Learning Aid in Secondary Education (with an example from Slovenia) Ines Zgonc KaC How can Wikimedia projects be used to further the comprehension of history and the socialization of the secondary-level youth? Based on an example of teaching about the Polish World War II history in Slovenian schools. Talk Done 

List of workshop proposals

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary (30 words) Result Confirmed
W1 BUD Branding Campaign ( Be Uniquely Different ) Ray Tjhin ? - Rejected Not done 
W2 Free Software for Users Francisco Treviño ? Is about freedom, and human rights too!, computer systems are just a great tool to trigger all this energy, its connections and possibilities. We'll explore the power of free software hands-on. Workshop Done 
W3 .NET Technology Rajesh Kumar Ranjan ? - Rejected Not done 
W4 Understanding Wikimedians: Practical Tools for Academic Research Jonathan Morgan (presenting author), Jamie Ourada, Doug Devine, Mark Zachry KaC This workshop will stimulate conversation on tool-based methods and best practices for researching online collaboration, and will demonstrate one approach to this type of research through a demonstration of the QBox tool. Workshop Done 
W5 A Selenium testing framework for MediaWiki Markus Glaser Inf Learn how to write and execute user interface tests for core and extensions using the MediaWiki selenium framework. We will also talk about the further evolution of the framework in order to suit your needs. Workshop Done 
W6 Hear and feel your MediaWiki code at work: An accessibility workshop Maria Schiewe and Danny B. Inf Gain a first-hand experience on how disabled people use your code. With a little help, you will test with screen readers and magnifiers, using Braille displays and speech output. Workshop Done 
not after Sunday 1 pm
W7 Adding books to Wikisource Lars Aronsson KaC No response Tutorial Cancelled
W8 An interdisciplinary approach to Wikipedia: literary criticism, linguistics, anthropology, and sociolinguistic research. J. Gustavo Góngora KaC The aim of this talk is to provide a series of examples concerning the humanities and Wikipedia. It will focus on the issue of Copyright vs. Free Contents, a crucial point in all Wikimedia sister projects. Talk Done 
W9 Bold video? Confronting multimedia content in the Wikipedia Manual of Style, NPOV and Be bold! guidelines David Evan Harris KaC/Inf Merge of W9,W11,19,52 - see W29
W10 Brainstorming Wikimedia and social media Florence Devouard PaC Discussion and sharing of practices regarding use of social media to pursue our mission; Identification of benefits, opportunites, risks etc; Hopefully, some seeds for a future strategy or at least discovery of new uses or new tools. Workshop 1,5 hours ? Done 
W11 Community P2P/CDN for Wikipedia video delivery Arno Bakker, Michael Dale, Jan Gerber, Victor Grishchenko, Riccardo Petrocco, Johan Pouwelse, Diego Rabaioli Inf Merge of W9,W11,19,52 - see W29
W12 Participating in Product Development Parul Vora, Trevor Parscal, Howie Fung KaC/Inf The work of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative has brought new features to MediaWiki and new processes to the Wikimedia Foundation, presenting new and unique ways for the community to participate. Talk Done 
W13 Houbraken Project Jane023 PaC/KaC Wikipedia is illustrated with 17th century maps and paintings, painted by Dutch masters. Arnold Houbraken published biographies of Flemish painters in 1720, mentioning nearly 1000 names. Let’s wikify it! Presentation Done 
W14 How we make Wiki use in mobiles friendly? Kevin Armstrong, Zhao (Weiming Zhao) Inf This is one thing that I will tell you how to use the Wikipedia on your cell phone easily and friendly to develope it on plant of cell phone. Talk Done 
W15 Mining Wikipedia public data Felipe Ortega KaC Accessible introduction to methodology, tools and some practical advice on best approaches for mining Wikipedia public data. Focused both on needs of high-tech profiles and audience with non-tech backgrounds. Tutorial Done 
W16 Offline & alternate versions of WikiMedia Wiki content Shiju Alex, user:Walkerma Inf Merge of W16,W22,W23 - see W28
W17 Online Entrepreneurship Development Program Vivek Sharma ? Rejected
W18 Poop patrol WereSpielChequers KaC Find typos that spellcheckers can't spot and vandalism that Huggle can't hinder. Poster Done 
W19 Publishing Wikipedia Books: Implementing a community driven process to get Wikipedia into book stores He!ko PaC The goal of this workshop is to draft a viable community driven process to get selected parts of Wikipedia into bookstores. The basic idea is to provide and utilize the necessary tools (like the Book Tool) which allow the community to independently create, assess and publish books based on wiki content. Workshop Done  (before Sat 10th 14:00 or after Sun 11th 14:00)
W20 Semantic Result Formats: Automatically transforming structured data into useful output formats Hans-Jörg Happel, Frank Dengler KaC SRF can visualize or export structured query results in Semantic MediaWiki. We describe existing result formats and explain the implementation of query result processing in order to enable users to improve existing and develop novel result formats. Workshop Done  (not on Sun afternoon please and disjoint from Talk#58)
W21 Batch uploading at Commons Multichill KaC Uploading one image to Commons can be difficult, but what about uploading a thousand images to Commons? In this session I will explain how to upload large amounts of images to Commons. Tutorial Done 
W22 Wiki2cd: A tool for creating offline wiki repository for CD/DVD Santhosh Thottingal Inf/PaC Merge of W16,W22,W23 - see W28
W23 Wikipedia Offline Manuel Schneider Inf Merge of W16,W22,W23 - see W28
W24 Wiki community best practices.Why are less people contributing? Kim Bruning PaC Explanation of wiki best practices and why more people don't use them, followed by discussion on how to improve the situation. Workshop Done 
W25 Wikimob Teaching by Doing Richard Knipel, Ben Moskowitz KaC Workshop Not done 
W26 Unique Qualities of Wikiversity in Higher Education Juha Suoranta (wm2010:Special:Emailuser/Juha Suoranta, other accounts) KaC No response Workshop Cancelled
W27 power to the writing process Henning Klein, Matthias Wernicke, Frederic Matthe (wm2010:Special:EmailUser/Scholarwiki, other accounts) KaC/Inf Short overviews a.) of didactical approaches dealing with MediaWiki-based scientific writing using reference management and/or b.) of necessary technical solutions to support writing processes (reference management, card index, outlining). Following by discussions about didactical requirements on the use of Wikis in this way and/or possibilities of connecting additional tools/softwares to MediaWiki. Workshop Done 
W28 Creating offline version of Wiki content - Solutions and Challenges (Merge of W16,W22,W23) Shiju Alex, Manuel Schneider, Santhosh Thottingal, Martin Walker KaC/Inf This workshop examines the process (selection, extraction, storage, and reader format) of Creating Offline versions of wiki content. The tools and technology used for meeting the challenges at each stage will be discussed. Joint Workshop, 1.5h Done 
W29 Joint Video Workshop (Merge of W9, W11, 19, 52) Arno Bakker, Richard Knipel, Ben Moskowitz, Michael Dale, Jan Gerber, Victor Grishchenko, Riccardo Petrocco, Johan Pouwelse, Diego Rabaioli, David Evan Harris KaC/Inf In this workshop we present and discuss all aspects of getting video on Wikipedia, from content creation to scalable hosting. Joint Workshop, 3h Done  Arno
W30 Strategies to select and assess content for offline versions like published books or offline readers (Split/Merge of W28,W19) Shiju Alex, Manuel Schneider, Santhosh Thottingal, Martin Walker, Heiko Hees KaC/Inf The goal of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and solutions of selecting and assessing content for offline versions, like mobile readers, DVDs or published Wikipedia Books. Joint Workshop, 1.5h Done