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Submissions/creating free audio to Wikimedia projects

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

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Creating free audio for Wikimedia projects

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Wikimedia Ukraine

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The great advantage of wikimedia projects prior to paper encyclopaedias is an ability to upload media. The goal of my presentation is to show perspectives in use of free audio for music education purposes. As far as it is impossible to explain the characteristics of paintings without showing the picture itself, it is also impossible to imagine how do the music sounds if not hearing for this music.

There are just two aspects of the problem. The first one is about free content. Of course we couldn't upload to wikimedia projects copyrighted music so we could talk mostly about music of the past centuries or about music by authors who gave us permission for its usage. In a first case I propose to discuss such ability as giving grants for recording music of past epoch for wikimedia purposes. (Here I suppose to make a review of content which exists and not exists yet)

The second one is a technique aspect. Sometimes it seems to be useful to upload file not as a whole piece but its most significant fragments. (Here I suppose to show some examples who to choose most significant fragments).

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