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Beyond the Encyclopedia: The Frontiers of Free Knowledge
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Erik Moeller
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erik at wikimedia dot org
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United States
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Wikimedia Foundation
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In 2005, Jimmy Wales presented "10 Challenges for the Free Culture Movement" at Wikimania, also knows as "10 things that will be free". The challenges he chose: the encyclopedia, the dictionary, the curriculum, music, art, file formats, maps, product identifiers, TV listings, and online communities. This year, the list has been expanded and updated on StrategyWiki: List of things that need to be free.
Taking off on the idea of unsolved problems in free culture, my presentation will showcase some of the most promising projects at the frontier of the free knowledge movement: projects like OpenStreetMap, Thingiverse, OpenWetWare, Semantic MediaWiki, and WikiEducator. I will explore the current state of Wikipedia's sister projects, and discuss the opportunities and challenges for innovation inside the Wikimedia movement.
The presentation will conclude with specific recommendations for a framework of technology and policy that supports bottom-up innovation, while killing off ideas that don't work. These recommendations are inspired by other companies, organizations and movements, with focus on the open source community.
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Knowledge and Collaboration
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If you have suggestions for projects or challenges you'd like me to talk about, please e-mail me or leave a comment on the talk page. :-)

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