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Submissions/Personality traits of Polish Wikipedia members

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


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Personality traits of Polish Wikipedia members

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University Clinical Centre, Gdańsk

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Wikipedia in an encyclopedia with user created content. Therefore it not only provides knowledge but also enables to create community of Wikipedians. The aim of this report was to establish personality traits of Wikipedia active editors according to Big Five personality theory (Costa, McCrae). An additional aim was to investigate whether Wikipedia editors are prone to express their Real Me (McKenna, Green, Gleason, 2002) more eagerly online than offline. Current study is an attempt to replicate English study of Wikipedia Members by Amichai –Hamburger, Lamdan, Madiel and Hayat in 2008. The study was conducted via online survey. Participation was anonymous and voluntary and the information on the study and its purpose was announced on Announcements Page of Polish Wikipedia. The survey comprised questions about demographic traits as well as 4 questions on expressing Real Me, as well as 60 items from NEO –FFI (Big Five personality questionnaire). Participants were also able to share their comments on the study. In total, 97 Polish Wikipedia active users volunteered to participate in this study (8 female and 89 male). They were aged 25,61 +/- 11,68. Mean amount of months spent creating Wikipedia content in this sample was 32,37+/- 16,86. Contrary to the expectations, they tended to express themselves more openly in real life than online. According to this study, Wikipedia active users are rather agreeable and open, yet at the same time moderately extrovert and conscientious. The reliability of NEO -FFI questionnaire administered online turned out to be high (Cronbach's alpha ranging from 0,73 to 0,89 for particular factors). Obtained results are exactly contrary to those calculated for English Wikipedia users.

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