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How we make Wiki use in mobiles friendly?

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I would like the Wikimania and Wikimedia use my slideshow my video and my photos, and also my idea in use for the developement of the Wikimedia, and give the copyright and All Rights Reserved to the Wikimedia. by Kevin Armstrong, Zhao (Zhao Weiming) May 31, 2010.

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Kevin Armstrong, Zhao (Weiming Zhao)

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Username:zwm0426 (wiki-zh)

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The Senior School of Northwest University

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"How we make Wiki use in mobiles friendly?"

As time passes the Internet connection moving from the PC to the laptop and now it goes to the mobiles in everyone's hand. So if we can let people use Wiki on their mobiles instead of costs a lot of time on finding a PC or a laptop, but search on Wiki and read, edit and talk the articles on their mobile phones by the internet connection of their 2G,3G or Wi-Fi networks. It will be very convince for us, Wiki users, and we can read Wiki anytime and anywhere.

If we can change the form of Wiki that can be used on your mobile phones, it will be more easily to read it. And if we can design a new UI for the Wiki for mobiles, it will be friendly to read in our phones in a such a small screen that is like 2 in, 2.3 in, 2.8 in and 3.5 in, etc,.

The form should be programmed for the mobiles or use the whole Http web site for mobiles by some software.

The topic I would like to speak:

  1. Name of Wiki on mobiles;
  2. How we use Wiki on our mobiles;:
  3. How the pages show on our mobiles (Wap, Html);:
  4. How the pages uses in every networks (2G, 3G or Wi-Fi):
  5. How it works by the servers.:


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No,I think.

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