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Five Years of Structured Wiki Data with SMW: Experiences and Directions
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Markus Krötzsch
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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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Five years after its initial presentation at Wikimania 2005, SMW (a.k.a. Semantic MediaWiki) is a widely used MediaWiki extension for managing data like numbers, times, or locations in a wiki. There are just two main things that SMW really does: to allow users to attach such data to wiki pages, and to provide some means for retrieving this data in search and browsing. Many other features, ranging from interactive maps to video editing, are offered by extensions that build on SMW.

While this situation is pretty simple, there is also a lot of persistent confusion about when and where to use SMW and what to expect from it, some of which arguably is due to the over-mystified S word in the name. This talk thus gives a simple introduction to SMW, and presents some lessons learnt about using it effectively in practice (and avoiding common pitfalls). There will also be an outlook on the future of SMW.

As the talk can be a useful basis for other SMW-related presentations at the conference, it might be good to schedule it rather earlier than later, and to not run it in parallel with SMW-related stuff (like last year ;-).

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Knowledge and Collaboration
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You can find my talk slides online.

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