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Submissions/WIKIWHYFILES: WIKI Answers Unanswered WHYs.

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

WIKI Answers Unanswered WHYs.
Type of submission (Presentation)
Piyush Singh
Locus Education
Abstract 'Project Idea: WikiWhy is dedicated to the insatiability of Human Curiosity. It is the elusiveness of "Why" questions which befuddle us throughout our lives. WIKIWHY aims at providing answers to such WHYs.

Scope: We aim to transcend boundaries to arrive at answers to every possible Why. We aim to make it so divergent and convergent simultaneously that people all over the globe turn to Wikiwhy to find answers to their WHYs.

Motivation: Navigating through various webpages to satiate my own curiosity, we realised that sites talked about the "HOW of things but none talked about WHY. Since, knowing why something happens is more fundamental to knowing how it happens, we were intrigued by the idea to create something as fundamental and far-reaching as WHY.

The Karma Theory: Any person who comes looking for an answer to his question, and finds it, will return intoxicated by the sea of knowledge. Such interested people will in turn do good by contributing something from their own end. It is a do good-get good cycle that will be fueled by the simultaneous search and satiation of knowledge. ': Why Mediawiki is important: A project of such humongous coverage and impact cannot be achieved by few individuals. Knowledge can only be strengthened when it is an incremental and wide-spread movement. Since, the project needs collaboration from people worldwide, Media Wiki is the best platform to provide this.

Track (Knowledge and Collaboration)
will provide slides later

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