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Wikicarta: an interactive atlas of world history (project)
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Charles Alexis Gérard
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Wikicarta is a project of an interactive atlas of world history which would be integrated into the wikimedia projects and closely associated with Wikipedia, which can reuse maps created thanks to its informations (especially the GPS data). These maps will enable users to geographically locate informations, and to follow the evolution of the object through history.

However Wikicarta would also serve as a world map, as user-friendly as GoogleEarth, OpenStreetMap and others, while adding the temporal dimension. Users would be able to browse the atlas according to various scales, from global to local, as well as to scroll through the time every 1, 10, 100 years into the past or to the present. Contributors would participate according to their specialization (economics, archeology, history, geography, geopolitics, seismology, epidemiology ....) to locate geographically present or past facts on a geographical scale. At what level can Wikimedia join the existing global mapping projects? What would be the potential cost, length of time and technical difficulties?

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Charles Alexis Gérard 12:40, 18 May 2010 (UTC)[reply]

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