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Submissions/Acehnese Wikipedia

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


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Acehnese Wikipedia

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Ignatius Yordan

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The Acehnese Wikipedia is an edition of Wikipedia in the Acehnese language. This language is primarily spoken in Aceh by Acehnese people. Aceh is a province of Indonesia. It is located in the most western tip of Indonesia. After decades of conflict between the central government and the separatist Free Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka), this province was devastated by massive earthquake and tsunami in 2004. Five years since the catastrophe, Aceh province has been rebuilt. According to the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics, Acehnese gross regional domestic product is about Rp 17.124.000 in 2008. In Aceh internet access is still limited. After all the efforts, Acehnese Wikipedia finally was created in August 12, 2009. Thus a new language edition of Wikipedia was born, and Acehnese Wikipedia started to learn how to crawl and walk.

Acehnese Wikipedia community is very small and limited. Less than ten contributors are really active, while the rest are just bystanders, testers, or users with small contributions. Almost all active contributors don’t have internet access at their home, and a contributor even doesn’t have computer. They contribute from free hotspots or cyber café, or using internet in mobile phone. But those obstacles didn’t stop them to contribute in Acehnese Wikipedia. They also start an effort to increase contributors, by starting campaign in Acehnese blogger community, Facebook and internet forums.

Most articles in the Acehnese Wikipedia are still stubs, with majority of them being about countries and cities, i.e. geographical articles, and also about Islam and plants. Most of long articles was translated from English or Indonesian Wikipedia.

Me, as an active contributor in the Indonesian language Wikipedia, am impressed with their hard effort. Even at their powerless state, their existence is never without meaning. So, I chose to help the Acehnese language Wikipedia, by creating some stubs about Romanian cities, and helping technical things like adding categorization.

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