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Submissions/TraduXio: Translation and Multilingual Content Management

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

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TraduXio: Translation and Multilingual Content Management
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Philippe Lacour
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Zanchin (NGO)
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Demo of the beta version (since May)

Aim: create an interest among translators and communities (potential beta testers)

TraduXio is a free, open source, web based, collaborative, and computer assisted translation tool. It is developed with innovative technology (an original Translation Memory device) and especially designed to tackle the challenges of cultural (non commercial, non repetitive) texts. Inspired by the strong collaborative spirit of the Web "2.0", and available to different audiences, the environment promotes the creation of common goods, guided by a logic of mutualization (gradual feeding of the database). TraduXio is also designed to encourage the diversification of language learning (in particular the learning of a wider range of languages) and to promote a reappraisal of translation (as a professional skill), especially in research activities. It could be particularly helpful for the Wikisource project.

Traduxio uses Translation Memory technology in an alternative way. The originality of the software resides in certain of its functionalities. Whereas traditional TMs are limited to two languages (the source / the target), TraduXio enables the comparison of different versions of the same text. A translated text is in effect not considered as an independent segment, but rather as a version of the initial text in another language.

Traduxio offers moreover a better management of the translation context, for proposes a contextualized classification of the source (i.e. classification of the text according to the history, genre, author, etc.). Thanks to this relevant classification device, information can be more easily assessed and treated, thereby helping users finding the appropriate translation for particular words, expressions, and so forth.


Application : http://traduxio.hypertopic.org Technical and general information: http://traduxio.sourceforge.net Partners : https://sourceforge.net/apps/wordpress/traduxio/

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Knowledge and Collaboration
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