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This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

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Creative Commons global affiliate network–origin, role, future, including collaboration and shared learnings with Wikimedia chapters
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en:User:Mike Linksvayer
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en:User:Mike Linksvayer
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Creative Commons' 100+ affiliates are sometimes cited in Wikimedia chapter discussions. We'll discuss the reality of the network, how we've been inspired by Wikimedia chapters, future collaboration and lesson sharing.
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At last year's Panel on Wikimedia Chapters (and elsewhere) the Creative Commons global network of affiliates was referenced as something Wikimedia chapters might look to for shared lessons on how to operate and conduct their activities (or not). While there are many differences, there are many similarities because they face common challenges of scaling impact globally through loosely coupled organizations of greatly varying capacities, related missions, and in some cases, joint involvement in Wikimedia chapters and Creative Commons affiliates.

This panel will cover the reality of the Creative Commons affiliate network, which now spans more than 70 jurisdictions and 100+ affiliate organizations (including Wikimedia chapters), starting from its origins as a legal-only network for "porting" Creative Commons licenses. The network's efforts have expanded to include critical community building activities, coordinated adoption outreach, and in some instances local, regional and global policy efforts. CC's network now includes many non-lawyers with diversified interests and capacities in education, furthering adoption, policy, and collaborating with related people and groups, including the Wikimedia movement. We'll discuss legal arrangements (MoUs, trademark, website and other policies), responsibilities and accountability, capacity building, communications mechanisms (including wikis of course), conferences, funding, language, as well as ongoing upgrades and challenges, from establishing metrics of affiliate success to governance participation to expanding the network to regions such as Africa and Central Asia and both trans- and sub-national organizations.

Finally, we'll discuss some of the lessons we've learned from and ways we've been inspired by Wikimedia chapters and possibilities for future collaboration and lesson sharing.


  • Alek Tarkowski, Project Lead, Creative Commons Poland
  • Michelle Thorne, Affiliates Project Manager, Creative Commons
  • Mike Linksvayer, Vice President, Creative Commons
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People and Community
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Linksvayer probably, Tarkowski and Thorne, yes
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