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Submissions/Enciclopedia Chilena: Bringing it back alive using Wikisource

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


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Enciclopedia Chilena: Bringing it back alive using Wikisource
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Osmar Valdebenito
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The Enciclopedia Chilena ("Chilean Encyclopedia") was a project released in 1943 by the director of the Library of the National Congress. He proposed the idea of publishing a compendium of the Chilean knowledge and cultural heritage, an unprecedent move in Latin America, not only covering traditional issues about History or Science, but also gathering previously unpublished information, for example, about local Folklore and Geography.
The project was approved originally by the Chilean Senate, with the support of the most important Chilean scholars at the time. More than 75 thousand articles were developed by the project but it was cancelled in 1971 because of its complexity, its magnitude and the enourmous public expenditure associated to it.
Almost forty years later, the Library of the National Congress has tried to publish the unreleased material of the Enciclopedia Chilena and has tried to use Wikisource as a way to do it. But there have been several problems, not only because of the difficulty of digitalizing the articles but also about the way to combine the original project with the features of a digital platform like Wikisource.
This presentation will try to show and study this case in development, looking at the benefits of platforms like Wikisource for this kind of projects but also inquiring about its difficulties and exploring different ways to tackle them.
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