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Submissions/Restricted sites in Pakistan

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

Restricted websites in Pakistan.China wasn't the half of it.
Nadia Siddiqi
United Kingdom Pakistan
Abstract (Facebook,Wikipedia and YouTube are the three most popular websites restricted by the government of Pakistan this week.Youtube was also blocked earlier in 2007 during a notoriously ;botched election. Now the excuse for shutting these websites down runs from "There existed a ;facebook group which called for drawing images of the last Prophet"(This would be a viable excuse ;If the group could not have been simply 'reported' and then removed.)to energy saving. The latter ;being a much more logical alternative; as Pakistanis are in a way addicted to these websites and ;taking a break from them does entail a dramatic (much needed; given the ensuing power crisis) fall ;in electricity usage.
Albeit the problem that trickles my boggled cerebrum is not the energy-conservation by-product ;of these startlingly innovative measures but the hypocrisy of the so called democratic regime; ;which seems to be much more inclined towards dictatorship than still largely communist Fascist ;China.The Pakistan People's party came into power acquiring a mass pity vote following the still ;suspicious death of their prime candidate Benazir Bhutto. Having arrived on the pretext of being ;saviors of democracy,looping the slogan "democracy is the best revenge"in an infinite iterative ;verbal process. And yet here we are; our votes counting for squat and our freedoms diminished.

On the upside, our days seem to last longer,feel fuller and certain angered frustrations over ;the frequent posts of religio-fanatic harbingers of injustice are assuaged.It is refreshing not to ;have one's Inbox plagued with invites to join pseudo-Islamic terrorist-leaning F.B ;groups.And ;also alternatively not having to view some strange advertisement touting a crescent forming the ;face of a cleric in a starless night juxtaposed to the latest Ke$ha video which one chose to ;watch.Not to mention being free of the perpetual shame over being wrongly associated with throngs ;of close minded perverted fellow countrymen who possibly spend their entire time posting videos ;titled something to the effect of 'cute/hot Pakistani/Paki gurlz;aztaghfirulla(damn them)" on Youtube.
There is a freedom in censorship that only censored people know. ;D

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