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Documentary Screening: Truth in Numbers, Covering the Wikimania community
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Presentation, film, panel
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Andrew Lih and Nic Hill
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University of Southern California
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We propose a screening of the just completed feature documentary, "Truth in Numbers: The Wikipedia Story" [1] [2] by Nic Hill and hold a panel discussion afterwards about the experience of chasing and covering Wikipedians all over the globe. Andrew Lih, author of "The Wikipedia Revolution" will lead a panel with Nic discussing the experience of filming Wikipedians around the globe, and the challenge of covering the community of Wikipedia and Wikimedia contributors in the context of recent developments. A teaser trailer was shown at Wikimania 2008 to warm reception by the audience in Taiwan. It would be a great event to have all the attendees in a venue large enough for a screening all together.

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People and community
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Web links:

  • IMDB entry [3]
  • Movie site [4]
  • Wikipedia Revolution site [5]

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