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Submissions/State of the art Wikipedia research

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

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This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

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State of the art on Wikipedia research
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Felipe Ortega
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Libresoft, University Rey Juan Carlos
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Wikipedia continues to be a hot topic for researchers, scholars and practitioners working in a wide range of disciplines. It is usually difficult to search through the very high number of papers submitted each year on topics as diverse as content analysis, community interactions, authoring, management of projects in Wikipedia, etc., looking for new valuable methodologies and novel tools. The number of works presented in conferences covering many distinct backgrounds keeps on growing every year, as we can confirm looking up some compilations of Wikipedia research works and publications, such as meta:Wiki Research Bibliography or Wikipedia in academic studies.

In particular, it is worth noticing that Wikipedia research has gone well beyond the limits of tech-related analyses. Scholars from other fields such as linguistics, socio-politics and psychology are finding interesting questions to examine within Wikipedia. In many case, the public availability of Wikipedia data, and the fact that there are many different languages and communities hosted around the same global initiative is a great plus for these audience, looking for distinctive traits in each subpopulation, according to different cultural and behavioral characteristics.

This presentation will try to convey top research contributions that may serve as useful inspiration for subsequent works undertaken by students and scholars alike with regard to Wikipedia. It will include an outline of top research works presented in WikiSym 2010 (to be held just before Wikimania, also in Gdansk) that can be interesting for Wikimania attendees. Likewise, it will also include a quick tour over the most relevant contributions in the field over the last couple of years, thus complementing the presentation given in Wikimania 2009 by Benjamin Mako Hill on this topic. The goal is to cover both tech and non-tech research works, so that we can address a wider set of interests in the audience. In the same way, this approach is adequate to encourage interdisciplinary methodologies that are very much needed today to grasp the many complex aspects of Wikipedia as a global project.

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Knowledge and Collaboration
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