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Flagged revisions study results
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Felipe Ortega
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Libresoft, University Rey Juan Carlos
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The purpose of this presentation is to convey the most relevant conclusions extracted from the ongoing study of the performance of flagged revisions extension in the German Wikipedia. The project is funded by Wikimedia Deutschland and developed by Felipe Ortega at University Rey Juan Carlos, in Madrid (Spain).

“Flagged revisions” is a term to describe an extension for the MediaWiki software, which allows to prevent the latest update performed on a wiki page to be shown by default to unregistered users. The last version of the page flagged as “sighted” is displayed instead. It is supposed that this flagged version has been reviewed by an authorized editor, who ensures that the content has not been vandalized or damaged in any way and that the last modification is thus legit. Controlled pages as marked as “sighted” in the MediaWiki database.

The purpose of the evaluation is to analyze the influence of the edit approval system implemented at the German Wikipedia using the flagged revision extension on editorial and administrative work. Specifically, it should show whether this feature is a) effective and b) does not have averse effects. Therefore, the core questions to be answered are:

  1. .Does the application of flagged revisions reduce vandalism by anonymous users? Does it reduce the number of reverts and blocks against anonymous users?
  2. .Does it prevent/discourage anonymous users from editing? Does it decrease the number of people registering for a new account?

The analysis includes the application of statistical techniques on public data extracted from the German Wikipedia database dumps, including the complete dumps of page revisions and the logging dump, containing all information regarding special actions performed on the wiki (like page protection, user blocks, etc.). To develop this analysis, several extensions are being developed to allow the extraction of all relevant information from these dump files.

The results of the study are very relevant to evaluate the applicability of flagged revisions as a useful method to reduce vandalism from anonymous contributors. It will also provide objective information to consider its implementation in other language versions of Wikipedia.

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