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Structure of the German Mentoring Program and international comparison

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Tim Moritz Hector

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Wikimedia Deutschland

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To enlarge the number of new users joining Wikipedia constantly, it is neccessary to support them with different methods. Mentoring programs, which adopt one single user, are one of the concepts to do this and this approach had been realized in German Wikipedia very successful and adopted by some other language-versions. In this presentation there are several aspects to explain:

  • The structure of the German mentoring program: Construction and concept; content, which are teached as well as a short overview about the development of the program.
  • Based on statistics a demonstration of the success of the program: The number of mentors and mentees, an overview about the productivity of the newbies, which have been mentored in the program.
  • A comparison with other programs (e. g. en, es, fr, ru) based on further statistics exposing, which components have been adopted and which aspects can be done better (There should be some time to discuss the last aspect shortly). This should be the focus of the presentation and the idea is not to give only approaches for existing mentoring programs but for other language versions which do not have set up a mentoring program yet as well.
  • Finally come to the conclusion which components seem to be the most successful ones: Which ideas to explain the Wikipedia are good, which are bad? Which aspects exist in different languages and seem to work well? The results we should find in another discussion at this point should be published, in case there arises some kind of discussion.

In the focus there is not the German mentoring program, but in the foreground should be the comparison with mentoring programs in other language-versions and give the motivation to set up and improve mentoring programs in other languages – or even completely different contexts.

So all in all this presentation is about interesting aspects concerning teach newbies Wikipedia and ways to do this in the German Wikipedia, in other languages and find out the best practices to do this to share those with other Wikipedias.

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People and Community

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