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Innovative Training Methods for Technical Studies in India

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D J Joel Lazarus

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YMCA, Anantapur

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Technical Education is the crux of the Twentieth Century. Stake holder of Education System and the Society on a whole, felt the need for educating and empowering in the field of technical education. India is no exception. The name India brings out the blend of multi-cultured residents and hitherto was treated as underdeveloped society. But with the advent of Technical Education in India about a century ago, the ever welcoming and excelling country had adapted to this new-culture as well and soon proved its stance in the global scenario. Having said this, teaching and learning process has been slogged in the country for various reasons. The current topic for debate and much submitted to discussion is about the education system in India. This presentation will focus on the challenges faced and propose innovative methods to be employed in the field of technical education in India. Introduction to the Technical Education in India is discussed in chapter one of my paper. Following chapter will highlight the various practices conventional/innovative practices employed. The third chapter will focus on the need for change in the teaching-learning process. And the final chapter is over and done with conclusion and predictions.

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Technical Education/Innovative Practices in Education/Indian Education System

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