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From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


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Wikimedia and the A/H1N1 flu: a documented pandemic.

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Vladimir Herman Miguel, CLT.

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El Ágora.

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FM-BUAP Laboratory for Immunolobiology Research.

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User description in Spanish Wikipedia.

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The outbreak of A/H1N1 pandemic flu during 2009, also known like Swine flu, happened as a transcendental event in the social, political, economic, journalist, scientific and cultural area, in the recent history of the world, due to the fact that it generated an enviroment of uncertainty and poverty in to feel of the community in general. The rapidity as events occurred and many opposing opinions propitiated speculation brings over of the real nature of the virus and the disease that they originated the pandemic of influenza. For such of a motive across an extensive review of the content published in the diverse projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, furthermore some scientific publications in the matter, I present a synthesis about the brings over of what this epidemic was indeed, his scopes and his problematic; besides the message that leaves us and the possible consequences that it will have in the future. The presentation tries to show us a more extensive panorama of the causal agent, his epidemiology, his pathogen and his clinic. The conclusions on the basis of it try to extend the understanding of the users of Wikimedia on the infectious diseases and how we prune to confront better later events of this nature.

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People and Community/Knowledge and Collaboration.

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Yes; what would really stop would be if it was not obtaining the scholarship.

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I wait to be able to collaborate with you and to be able to be present at the great event. God blesses them.

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