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Submissions/Fitnesse – an UAT tool beyond compare for ETL testing

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

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Fitnesse – an UAT tool beyond compare for ETL testing
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Ashwin Kumar I R
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Fitnesse – an UAT tool beyond compare for ETL testing

In an era where ETL testing needs more emphasis on data transformations, removing the redundancy of data, validating the data that needs to be/are loaded into the tables or databases and the definition of the columns that is stored in the table, there needs to be some superior verification and validation tools that can verify and validate the records that would be loaded. Especially working in an Agile environment, it requires the verification and validation to be at the Top Class level, because for some businesses data is the source of currency.

Fitnesse – derived from the term FIT. The fully integrated standalone wiki, and acceptance testing framework (courtesy - http://fitnesse.org/). This is an UAT tool based on Ward Cunningham’s Framework for Integrated Test. This User Acceptance Testing tool is one of or may be the best tool that can be used for ETL (Extract Transform and Load) testing. Fitnesse enables the customers, users, developers and testers to write sentence like tests which can be mapped with the requirements. And the Verification and Validation is made easy because it uses Wiki as its front end as Fitnesse is an IDE.

Comparing Fitnesse with one of its counterpart Selenium would be a huge discussion in itself. As a brief comparison, In ETL testing, Test Suites and Test Cases in Selenium are written using HTML and the same in Fitnesse using Wiki. Interfaces, functions, assert commands, etc., can be implemented using both Fitnesse and Selenium. However, using Fitnesse would provide an additional comfort, since Wiki is used as its front end and proper coverage in testing the ETL application, since sentence – like tests can be used in mapping the requirements, Colors marking the success/failure of a test marks its capability as an ease of use UAT testing tool.

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Knowledge and Collaboration - Semantic Wikis
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