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Submissions/Performance, scalability and security for extension developers

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010


This is an open submission for Wikimania 2010.

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Why your extension will not be enabled on Wikimedia wikis in its current state and what you can do about it; performance, scalability and security for extension developers,

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Roan Kattouw (mw:User:Catrope)

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firstname DOT lastname AT gmail DOT com

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The Netherlands


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Many volunteer or 3rd party extension developers have a not-so-secret wish to see their extension running on Wikimedia wikis one day. Some write extensions especially for this purpose, and community members regularly request the review and deployment of such extensions. However, the capacity for those reviews is very limited, and many extensions that do get reviewed get rejected over performance, scalability or security problems that seem obvious to the experienced reviewer.

This presentation seeks to educate extension developers about common pitfalls and issues associated with developing software for the massive scale of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia wikis, so they can use this knowledge to improve the quality of extension code submitted for review. Although this presentation is primarily aimed at extension developers, it is equally interesting for MediaWiki core developers who want to learn how to write secure, scalable and performant code.



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