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From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010
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  1. A Selenium testing framework for MediaWiki
  2. Academic Researchers in Wikimedia Communities: Ethics, Methods, and Policies
  3. Allow, Invite, Encourage: Growing Wikimedia in the World
  4. Brainstorming Wikimedia and social media
  5. Conflicts between chapters and communities
  6. Creating offline version of Wiki content - Solutions and Challenges
  7. Creative Commons global affiliate network–origin, role, future, including collaboration and shared learnings with Wikimedia chapters
  8. Diplopedia: The Evolution of a Wiki
  9. Dynamics of Wikipedia Talk pages: serving the article, showing the community
  10. Edit and Revert Trends
  11. Extension Management Platform
  12. Feudal Wikipedia
  13. First steps towards accessibility
  14. Flagged revisions study results
  15. Forbidden love or the case of collaborative knowledge in an Argentinian University
  16. Former Contributors Survey
  17. History in Wikipedia: towards processes explanations, rather than simple data
  18. Improving Usability Collaboratively
  19. Increasing multimedia participation on Wikimedia websites
  20. Informing Design with Data
  21. Interlanguage links in Wikipedia: current problems and future development
  22. Ius Internet – Wikipedia and the future of law of Internet
  23. Mentoring programs: Structure of the German MP and international comparison
  24. OTRS: Wikimedia's complaints department
  25. Personality traits of Polish Wikipedia members
  26. Pushing MediaWiki Internationalization: Insights into MediaWiki i18n at a large multi-language service provider
  27. Reciprocal Enrichment between Wikipedia and Machine Translators
  28. Reflect: A Tool for Supporting Reflection and Active Listening
  29. Reflections on Wikimedia Commons
  30. State of the art Wikipedia research
  31. The State of Wikimedia Scholarship: 2009-2010
  32. The future of Wikimedia User experience
  33. The role of Women in the Wikipedia community. A case study from Spanish Wikipedia.
  34. Understanding Wikimedians: Practical Tools for Academic Research
  35. Using Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool – the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative and the path to an effective and sustainable collaborative environment with the world of higher education
  36. Why not all Wikipedias are equal
  37. Wiki community best practices. Why are less people contributing?
  38. Wikievolution: on Growth of Complexity and Diversity of Wikimedia Projects
  39. Wikiexpedtion - an approach to mix outreach and data collecting social activites
  40. Wikimedia's Five Year Strategic Plan
  41. Wikimedia in Japan: Acculturation and Outreach
  42. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects as a Learning Aid in Secondary Education (with an example from Slovenia)
  43. Wikipedia as an alternative to traditional civic activism
  44. Wikipedia at schools. The Catalan experience.
  45. Wikipedia eco-system governance: Power embedded in the governance infrastructure
  46. Wikipedian in Residence