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From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

Talks and workshops on Sunday

Sunday: 11:30 – 13:00

Academic Researchers and Wikipedia

Session Chair:

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
75 The State of Wikimedia Scholarship 2009-2010: WikiSym and Beyond Benjamin Mako Hill, Felipe Ortega and Jodi Schneider PaC This talk offers a tour of the last years scholarship on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects aimed at at Wikimedians and touching on several of the years most important findings. 45min x Sat/Sun
P4 Academic Researchers in Wikimedia Communities: Ethics, Methods, and Policies R. Stuart Geiger PaC Researchers in my wiki? It’s more likely than you think. This panel will foster dialog between wiki researchers and the community over various logistical, ethical, and policy-related concerns. Panel, 45min x

From WMF with Love: Update for Developers

Session Chair: Jacek Jankowski

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
56 Wikimedia's Mobile & Offline initiatives Tomasz Finc Inf One of the strategic investment areas that the Wikimedia movement has decided on is a focus on Mobile and Offline. Come by to find out and discuss the areas where we are doing active research, development and collaboration. This will include both Wikimedia software projects along with strategic partnerships that are being explored. lp x
60 Why your extension will not be enabled on Wikimedia wikis in its current state and what you can do about it; performance, scalability and security for extension developers, Roan Kattouw Inf This presentation warns (extension) developers of common pitfalls associated with writing software that will run efficiently on the massive scale of Wikipedia, and describes how to avoid them. lp x
W21 Batch uploading at Commons Multichill KaC Uploading one image to Commons can be difficult, but what about uploading a thousand images to Commons? In this session I will explain how to upload large amounts of images to Commons. Tutorial, 30min x

Free Culture and Humanities

Session Chair: Jan-Bart de Vreede

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
W8 An interdisciplinary approach to Wikipedia: literary criticism, linguistics, anthropology, and sociolinguistic research. J. Gustavo Góngora KaC The aim of this talk is to provide a series of examples concerning the humanities and Wikipedia. It will focus on the issue of Copyright vs. Free Contents, a crucial point in all Wikimedia sister projects. lp x
P20 Towards a free culture and access to knowledge movement? Simona Levi, Mayo Fuster Morell PaC In order to preserve the digital citizens rights an urgent question needs to be address in regards of counteracting the influences of the powerful lobbies of the copyright industries on governments. The panel means to map the state an international movement on free culture and access to knowledge and contribute to develop a common agenda and actions. Panel, 1h x

Next generation Hypertext structures for Wikipedia

Session Chair: Jakob Voss

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
80 We were promised Xanadu. The original hypertext system and how Wikimedia projects can benefit from its concepts. Jakob Voss KaC/Inf A description of Ted Nelson's original Hypertext system "Xanadu": It will be shown which of its features are important especially for open Wikimedia projects that contain a lot reuse and referencing. sp x
23 Context and Linearity: Representing Structure in Wikis Jani Patokallio KaC/Inf Moving wikis beyond a bunch of unsorted pages: how can books, taxonomies and other structured and/or ordered content be represented in, edited in, and exported from MediaWiki? lp x
32 Federating Wikipedia V. Grishchenko KaC/Inf I will discuss the possibility of federating Wikipedia by the means of adopting a distributed version control system, very much like it is done with the Linux kernel development. In general, scaling large software development projects consistently led to greater decentralization/autonomy. Is it possible to decompose Wikipedia into a network of peer repositories that exchange edits? sp x
21 Comparing the structure of tagging in a protein-protein interaction network, a co-authorship network and the English Wikipedia. Illes J. Farkas, Gergely Palla, Peter Pollner, Imre Derenyi, Tamas Vicsek KaC This talk discusses tagging in three networks. For Wikipedia the category DAG is taken into account, a loop removal algorithm is suggested and carried out. All data available from http://CFinder.org.

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sp x

Sunday: 14:30 – 16:00


Session Chair:

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
104 Wikimedia's Five Year Strategic Plan Eugene Eric Kim PaC I'll discuss the five year, movement-wide strategic plan, describe how it emerged, and facilitate a discussion on opportunities and next steps for Wikimedia. lp x
P1 Issues with the numbers game that is the strategy project Gerard Meijssen KaC/Inf The numbers that underpin the strategy for the next five years can be interpreted in many ways. This is partly due to sources that have provided incomplete data. This is partly due to a bias for the big Wikipedia languages. In this way the smaller projects and languages do not get the attention that they need. sp x
P6 Deletion sprees to sticky prods – What has been happening to Biographies of Living People on EN wiki, and what can be learned from it? User:WereSpielChequers KaC Discussion of one of EN Wiki's more turbulent areas with a diverse panel of Wikipedians. Panel, 40min x

Research on Wikipedia: HowTo

Session Chair: Jodi Schneider

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
W15 Mining Wikipedia public data Felipe Ortega KaC Accessible introduction to methodology, tools and some practical advice on best approaches for mining Wikipedia public data. Focused both on needs of high-tech profiles and audience with non-tech backgrounds. Tutorial, 45min x Sat/Sun
W4 Understanding Wikimedians: Practical Tools for Academic Research Jonathan Morgan (presenting author), Jamie Ourada, Mark Zachry KaC This workshop will stimulate conversation on tool-based methods and best practices for researching online collaboration, and will demonstrate one approach to this type of research through a demonstration of the QBox tool. Workshop, 45min x


Session Chair: Jan-Bart de Vreede

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
109 Wikipedia at schools. The Catalan experience. Joan Ramon Gomà, Pau Cabot KaC The presentation will explain a experience of aplying Wikipedia at Balearic Islands schools. The obtained results and its evaluation will be presented as well as improvements foreseen for course 2010-2011 and the enlargement to schools of other Catalan speaking territories. lp x
38 Forbidden love or the case of collaborative knowledge in an Argentinian University Gabriela Mejias KaC The conflict between traditional education and the way students try to approach collaborative knowledge in an Argentinian university. How some possible usages of Wikipedia could promote collaboration in academic research. sp x
P23 Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects as a Learning Aid in Secondary Education (with an example from Slovenia) Ines Zgonc KaC How can Wikimedia projects be used to further the comprehension of history and the socialization of the secondary-level youth? Based on an example of teaching about the Polish World War II history in Slovenian schools. sp x
6 Out from the shadow of Wikipedia: PlanetMath at Ten Joseph Corneli KaC/Inf My contention is that Wikimedia, PlanetMath, and others should work together over the next decade to create the next landmark project for open online collaboration: a functioning platform for crowdsourced education. sp x

Cultural Heritage and Wikipedia

Session Chair: User:Benjamin Mako Hill

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
113 Submissions/Wikipedian in Residence Liam Wyatt KaC Outcomes and lessons learned from being the "Wikipedian in Residence" at the British Museum lp x
30 Enciclopedia Chilena: Bringing it back alive using Wikisource Osmar Valdebenito KaC Presentation of a project developed by the Chilean Library of the Congress to publish an encyclopedia using Wikisource as platform. sp x
117 Submissions/Digitization of cultural heritage in Argentina Beatriz Busaniche, KaC Argentine Public Television is digitizing its old archives. Our goal is publishing them in Wikimedia Projects. This presentation will talk about this project and the legal issues we are dealing with. sp x
W13 Houbraken Project Jane023 KaC Wikipedia is illustrated with 17th century maps and paintings, painted by Dutch masters. Arnold Houbraken published biographies of Flemish painters in 1720, mentioning nearly 1000 names. Let’s wikify it! sp x

Sunday: 16:30 – 18:00


Session Chair: User:Benjamin Mako Hill

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
81 Wikiexpedition – an approach to mix outreach and data colecting social activites Kocio and Przykuta PaC Wikiexpedition – an expedition around one of the regions of Poland focused on gathering photo documentation. We want to share our experience with Wikimedia community to spread our idea. sp x
93 Using Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool – the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative and the path to an effective and sustainable collaborative environment with the world of higher education Pete Forsyth, Rod Dunican, Frank Schulenburg PaC This session will give an overview about a 17-month pilot program that will help inform how to best engage new contributors in the improvement of subject-specific articles on Wikipedia; it will introduce the new concept of "Wikipedia Ambassadors" as well as new software features and concepts that will help new contributors through their first 100 edits. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion about the future of using Wikipedia as a teaching tool in higher education. lp x
55 Structure of the German Mentoring Program and international comparison Tim Moritz Hector PaC "Best practices in mentoring programs": Introduction to the structure of the German mentoring program and mentoring programs in other language-versions. Includes a short discussion about other approaches and the most important components to build a good mentoring program. sp x
103 Wikimedia in Japan: Acculturation and Outreach KIZU Naoko PaC This presentation will show you how Wikimedia culture and Japanese culture have interacted on Japanese language Wikimedia projects and what Japanese Wikimedians nowadays begin to give back to the Japanese society. sp x

Wikipedia Credibility

Session Chair:

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
105 Wikimedia's Point of View. On Various Truths and Methodologies to Reach Them. Michał Buczyński PaC High quality and civil Wikimedia need a clear, possibly non-arbitrary method of establishing what is true, complete and well-balanced. Unfortunately, we have different ideas what precisely "NPOV" is. We will examine together the key differences and challenges in meeting consensus. sp x
45 History in Wikipedia: towards processes explanations, rather than simple data Iván Martínez KaC The talk will discuss the specific proposal for improve the writing and research of key historical articles, focused in explanation of processes, rather than simple factual descriptions. This multifactor explanations necessarily affects the quality, improvement and growth in the number of articles on the same topic and related. sp x
P11 How information on Wikipedia spreads to other media MADe KaC Wikipedia content circulates online and spreads to other media. How does this happen, how do we stimulate and control this, and how do we prevent other sources from copying our mistakes? lp x Sat/Sun
3 Batuta's Army: From polish biggest hoax to polish biggest struggle for credibility Bartosz Kosinski KaC During presentation You shall gain knowledge about Henryk Batuta, famous polish hoax and how it inspired the Batutas Army movement for credibility. This will be a start point for more general dialogue about truth on Wikipedia sp x

Role of Women & WikiProjects Management

Session Chair: Brianna Laugher

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
89 The role of Women in the Wikipedia community. A case study from Spanish Wikipedia. Ivana Lysholm, Valeria Mina PaC We intend to explore the particularities of female involvement in es.wikipedia. We'll discuss an apparent paradox: few women, but a strong group leading the community. Why? What do women have to offer? How to tackle the sex divide? lp x
9 Project Management best practices for WikiProjects. Arjuna Rao Chavala KaC Many WikiProjects can't be even called Projects, as there are no start and end dates. The best practices in Project management like the concept of iteration, predefined scope are discussed. sp x
99 WikiProjects and Automation: Be lazy so you can work hard Gaëtan Landry KaC In this talk, I will share my experience with some medium to large-scale collaborations on the English Wikipedia and the bots used to make them possible. sp x
101 Wikievolution: on Growth of Complexity and Diversity of Wikimedia Projects. Sebastian "Przykuta" Skolik, Michał "Aegis Maelstrom" Buczyński PaC Ideas emerging in one place, elsewhere may thrive or die. No common path of evolution makes a growth of particular wikiprojects unpredictionary. Let us discuss together these differences, opportunities and limits of interproject co-operation. sp x

Wikis of the World

Session Chair: Asaf Bartov

Bib Title Presenter (first author) Track Summary Type Confirmed
53 Indian Language Wikipedias - A Comparison study & Malayalam wiki projects - Current status and future strategy Shiju Alex PaC This is a comparative evaluation of Indic language Wikimedia projects with the focus on Malayalam. The factors that get ml-wikipedia high on quality indicators and future plans of mlwiki projects are investigated. The issues faced by Malayalam wikimedians due to the changes in the unicode standard will also be presented. sp x
72 Tamil Wikipedia: A Study of Challenges and Potentials in Relation to the Socio-Cultural Context of the Tamil Community R. Mayooranathan PaC Analysis of Tamil Wikipedia in its socio-cultural context. Covers challenges faced, strategies adopted and identifies potentials of the project in spreading knowledge through Tamil Language. This would help in developing strategies for many other language wikipedias too. sp x
15 Acehnese Wikipedia Ignatius Yordan PaC Aceh was strucked by a huge catastrophe six years ago. As reconstruction is going, Acehnese wikipedia was born 2 years ago. The presentation will introduce and explain about Acehnese wikipedia, from the effort of a small community to Acehnese Wikipedia SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threats). sp x (10min)
25 Defining possible objectives on Spanish Wikinews Iván Martínez PaC The talk seeks to find best practices in the Spanish Wikinews (Wikinoticias), analyzing and reviewing the actual objectives of the project, aims to expand its reach and increase the project collaborators. sp x
25 A Proposed Agenda for the Wikimedia Movement in Developing Nations Asaf Bartov (WMIL) PaC The talk will present the results of a working group from the Chapters Conference in Berlin 2010, on how to further the Wikimedia Vision in developing nations ("The Global South"). This paper is the basis of a new open-to-all interest group that's forming these days. Join the group here sp x