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Call for Participation

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010
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Wikimania Logo
Wikimania Logo

Call for Participation is now closed. Thank you all who have contributed!!

Wikimania is an annual global event devoted to Wikimedia projects around the world (including Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wiktionary, Wikispecies, Wikimedia Commons, and MediaWiki). The conference is a community gathering, giving the editors, users and developers of Wikimedia projects an opportunity to meet each other, exchange ideas, report on research and projects, and collaborate on the future of the projects. The conference is open to the public, and is a chance for educators, researchers, programmers and free culture activists who are interested in the Wikimedia projects to learn more and share ideas about the Wikimedia projects.

This year's conference will be held July 9-11, 2010 in Gdansk, Poland at Polish Baltic Philharmonic. For more information, please visit the official Wikimania 2010 site:


Wikimania 2010 will be a mix of submitted talks, open space meetings, birds of a feather groups, and lightning talks. Submissions will be discussed and selected in an informal process on the wiki. If your submission is not added to the schedule, you will still have many opportunities to bring topics forward on-site.

Important dates

Important: we have extended the submission deadline for Wikimania 2010 as follows:

  • Deadline for submitting workshop, tutorial, panel, and presentation proposals: May 20 May 24, 11.59 p.m. (Pacific Time)
  • Notification of acceptance: May 25 May 29, 11.59 p.m. (workshops), May 31 June 3, 11.59 p.m. (panels, tutorials, presentations)
  • All proposals and presentations will be welcome in the Open Space track of the conference, whether or not they are accepted in this initial process.


This year Wikimania will offer three tracks for submissions for members of wiki communities and interested observers to share their own experiences and thoughts and to present new ideas:

People and Community

The People and Community track provides a unique forum for discussing topics related to people using/building wikis. Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Wiki Community: Conflict resolution and community dynamics; reputation and identity;
  • Wiki Outreach: Promotion of wikis and Wikimedia projects among the general public;
  • North meets south, east meets west: How can people of a different cultural background create an encyclopedia according to common rules? Same subject in the eye of different cultures.
  • Special: Wikipedia in Central/Eastern Europe: this theme will provide a forum to present and discuss the latest progress of Wikis in the central/eastern European community.

Knowledge and Collaboration

The Knowledge and Collaboration track aims to promote research and find exciting ideas related to knowledge and information management, as well as to collaboration and participatory projects.

  • Wiki Content: New ways to improve content quality, credibility; legal issues and copyrights; and especially the use of the content in education, journalism, research;
  • Semantic Wikis: The use of semantic web technologies, linked data; semantic annotation and metadata (in particular manual vs. automated approaches).
  • Wikiversity and other wikis related to higher education: investigating ways of how wiki sources are deployed and implemented in academia and research practice, exchanging ideas for the improvement of collaboration in research institutions, universities and their contribution for the content quality.

Infrastructure Track

The Infrastructure track at Wikimania will provide a forum where both researchers and practitioners can share new approaches, applications, and explore how to make Wiki access ever more ubiquitous:

  • MediaWiki development: issues related to MediaWiki development and extensions;
  • Moving beyond MediaWiki: what other Wiki-like platforms exist; what tools and features do we need for collaboration on different types of knowledge?
  • Mobile Wikis: The Web is moving off the desktop and into mobile phones, how we use wikis on mobile devices?; wiki-based Augmented Reality (AR) applications, location based services
  • User Interface Design: Usability and user experience; accessibility, adaptive interfaces and personalization; novel UI designs.


Authors are invited to submit workshop, tutorial, panel, and presentation proposals. To submit a proposal, replace the text "[Your proposal title]" in the box below with the title of your proposal, and click "Create page". You will be directed to a self-explanatory wiki page, which you will have to save to complete your submission.

By submitting a proposal, you agree that the text of your proposal, your presentation slides, and any video recordings can be distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, or a compatible license. You also agree that, under the terms of the license, recordings of your presentation may be broadcast live, recorded, and made available for download later. If you object to these requirements (for instance, if you would prefer not to be taped), please talk to a program committee member before submitting a proposal.

If your submission is added to the official schedule, you will be notified through the contact information you provide. If your submission is not added to the preliminary schedule, please do not be discouraged: Wikimania 2010 will have time set aside in the schedule for participants and attendees to be in lightning talks and to form unofficial, self-organized talks and working groups. You will have many opportunities to bring topics forward on-site.

No submissions are currently possible. For a sorted list of currently submitted submissions, see Submissions sorted by number of interested attendees or Category:Wikimania submissions for an unsorted view.

Program Committee

Submissions will be reviewed informally by the following volunteers. If you are interested in being a reviewer, just add your name to the list below:

  • Reviewers:
  1. deebak the great
  2. Rhain c
  3. Ahsan.mansoor,
  4. 7tweaker,
  5. Abbasjnr,
  6. Adler,
  7. Airwolf,
  8. Alidha125,
  9. Anthony Lorrain,
  10. Ashok Cherian Koshy,
  11. Az1568,
  12. CarthageOne,
  13. Cbrown1023,
  14. Church of emacs,
  15. Ciphers,
  16. DanicaR,
  17. Igorjok.poltava,
  18. Jdforrester,
  19. Juliana.
  20. JWB,
  21. max5c,
  22. Mido,
  23. Minh Nguyen,
  24. Delphine (notafish).
  25. ns999,
  26. oskashred,
  27. postmodernlies,
  28. Pramukh Arkalgud Ganeshamurthy,
  29. Psychology,
  30. Pundit,
  31. Sarmadhassan,
  32. Sj,
  33. snood1205
  34. TXiKi,
  35. User:Azor1,
  36. Nikhil M.,
  37. in089107,
  38. linovtech.com,
  39. mituser,
  40. vostok_ru,
  41. Snthakur,
  42. User:TheJoeCool89
  43. OptimusPraimus,
  44. Cekli829,
  45. User:rl1234,
  46. Skullum,
  47. Fuzheado,
  48. GlimmerPhoenix,
  49. Drbug
  50. The_best_one
  51. kaushikahmed
  52. Rasik Dave
  53. Uttexas
  54. Shijualex