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Pioneering in Wireless Mesh Technology in India, Spidigo is the leading Wireless Broadband ISP in the country. Headquartered out of Mumbai, Spidigo offers seamless Broadband connectivity wirelessly accessible from anywhere. Using state-of-the-art Wireless Multi-Radio Mesh Technology from Strix Systems, Spidigo offers unmatchable connectivity and speeds.

Having covered the city of Ahmedabad Wirelessly, Spidigo is rolling out Wireless Networks across India and strives to be the number one ISP in the country. By offering ubiquitous connectivity Spidigo is redefining the way we access the Internet.

The company is is the first to offer a differentiated product portfolio including Prepaid Services, Bonus Bandwidth, Roaming Broadband and Home WiFi. We pride ourselves in not only offering the largest product offering but available at the best prices the market has to offer.

Technology Berif

Spidigo uses Wireless Mesh Networking to architect and deploy powerful networks that can be used for not only Wireless Broadband Delivery but a variety of applications such as Internet delivery, IP Surveillance, VoIP, IPTV and more.

Using the benefit of certified technologies such as Wi-Fi, wireless mesh integrates these standards, deploying multiple radios to create metro-wide, stable and sustainable mesh networks. Multi-Radio architecture has distinct advantages over single and dual radio technology such as antenna sectorization for increased penetration, radio specialization such as dedicated backhaul, client coverage radios and more.

Leveraging these technologies Spidigo offers the fastest and most secure wireless broadband service in the country


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