From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

Definitely (100%)

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
be Belgium Jeroen De Dauw nl-N, en-3 2010-07-9 2010-07-12 morning Maps and Semantic Maps, MediaWiki Extension Management‎
de Germany 80686 als-N, de-N, en-3, fr-1, sv-1 Wikipedia Offline
de Germany Church of emacs de-N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
no Norway Laaknor no-N, en-3 2010-07-07 2010-07-12 -
de Germany Superbass de-N, en-3, fr-1 2010-07-10 2010-07-13
gb United Kingdom WereSpielChequers en
in India lunickhatiwala en,ru
rs Serbia grzayu English, Greek, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian
us United States bastique en-N, fr-3, es-2 2010-07-06 2010-07-13
us United States Dvortygirl en, es-3
no Norway Jon Harald Søby nb, nn-3, en-3, sv-3, da-2, de-1, es-1, sw-1, eo-1 2010-07-07 2010-07-12 Going from Trondheim to Stockholm, then taking the July 6 boat from Stockholm to Gdańsk, arriving the next day.
de Germany Kolossos de-N,en-2 2010-07-09 2010-07-11
nl Netherlands Siebrand nl, en, de 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
de Germany FDengler de-N, en-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-11 Semantic Result Formats: Automatically transforming structured data into useful output formats
ca Canada marclaporte en-N, fr-N, es-1 several days before several days after
de Germany DR ru-N, uk-4, de-3, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
Sri Lanka Unknown country dviraj Sinhala
au Australia Jpatokal en-N, fi-N, ja-3 etc
IN India Tinucherian en-2,ml-N,ta-1,hi-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-13
UY Uruguay Marinna es 2010-07-05 2010-07
de Germany Jérôme fr-N, de-N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
PH Philippines Nonito Eddie A. Napigkit English, Filipino 2010-07-06 2010-07-13 I really want to attend the conference and be part of it actively. But my participation is dependent on scholarship. If the request is granted, then I will attend.
br Brazil Solstag pt-N, en-3, it-2, es-2 < 2010-07-09 > 2010-07-11 Ni!
India Unknown country Shakilur English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil When you say When you say Love to be a part of this
us United States Philippe (WMF) en July 6 July 12
se Sweden Mike en-3, sv-N, de-1
us United States LGGreen English July 8 July 12
us United States Tiffany Smith English July 8 2010-07-12
us United States Ryan lane en-N, ja-1 2010-07-02 2010-07-12
USA Unknown country Davidevanharris en-N, pt-4, es-3, fr-2
eg Egypt disooqi Ar-N , en-2 I am very happy to attending this conference and I will participate effectively in it.
cl Chile B1mbo es-N, en-3 Scholarship request approved :)
np Nepal RajeshPandey ne-N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 I'd love to be a part.
ar Argentina Isha es-N, en-2
hk Hong Kong Yuyu en, zh, fr-2 July 7 July 12 -
in India cursed_mask English before time after the conference ends Scholarship confirmed... looking forward to meet you guys
AR Argentina MotherForker es-N en-3
br Brazil everton137 pt-N, en-2 July 8 July 12 or 13 I'm anxious for being there!
se Sweden Ainali sv-N, en-3, no-1, da-1 2010-07-07 (?) ?
se Sweden Kristo sv-N, en-3, no-1, da-1 2010-07-07 (?) ?
hu Hungary Tgr hu-N, en-2, de-1 - - -
NL Netherlands GerardM Nl EN-4 DE-2
id Indonesia BlackKnight Indonesian, English Jul 8th Jul 12th Meet you there!
id Indonesia Mimihitam Indonesian, English July 8 July 12
Indonesia Unknown country linovtech Indonesian Indonesian It Training Center IT Education most important for technology knoladgement
us United States CaptainSwing en-N 7/7/2010 7/12/2010
BR Brazil Nevinho pt-N, en-2, fr-1, es-1 set by travel agent set by travel agent I´m happy I will be there
ph Philippines Sky Harbor en-N, tl-N, es-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 Scholarship granted. Woohoo! :D
cv Cape Verde Waldir en-3, pt-N, es-1 2010-07-08 (tentative) 2010-07-12 (tentative)
MEX Unknown country luzazul es-N, en-3, fr-2 before after thanks for the scholarship!
tw Unknown country hothwa zh-N, en-3 2010-07-09 2010-07-12
us United States dmgultekin en-N, es-2
US United States bollacker en-N, de-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
cn China yingyuanli cn-N,en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 It will be definite for me to attend this conference, if there is the Scholarship for me.
au Australia Jpatokal en-N, fi-N, ja-3 July 6 July 11
us United States In2thats12 en-N 2010-07-06 2010-07-11 Also presenting at WikiSym
br Brazil Castelobranco pt-N, en-3, eo-3 July 6 July 14 -
IL Israel Harel he-N, en-4, de-3 2010-07-09 2010-07-12 Looking for partners to turn my submission into a panel
fi Finland JuhaV fi-N, en-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
ee Estonia WikedKentaur et, en, de, ru 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
es Spain Lucien leGrey es, en-4, fr-2 9 12
de Germany Jojoona de, en, fr 7 July 11 July also attending Wikisym
de Germany Elya de-N, en-3, uk-3, ru-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-13
ca Canada Regis Barondeau en-N, fr-N, pt-1, de-2 several days before July 12
de Germany Letzte*Spieler ru-N, de-3, en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
pl Poland kocio pl-N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
LK Sri Lanka Mayooranathan ta.N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
fr France Kimdime frN, en3, es3 8 12
hu Hungary fij hu-N, en-4, de-3 Jul/08 Jul/11 or 12
fr France Seb35 fr-N, en-3, de-3, fi-1, es-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
us United States west.andrew.g en-N es-1 July 5, 2010 July 11,2010 Giving an anti-vandalism presentation. Also attending/presenting at WikiSym.
de Germany Lecartia de-N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
fr France Dodoïste fr-N, en-3, de-1, 8 13
de Germany Avatar de-N, en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
de Germany Friedel Völker de-N, en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-13 from s/w Germany by train via Berlin and Szczecin, maybe travelling around Poland after the conference
mx Mexico El Ágora es-N, en-3, it-2, pt-2, de-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
us United States Phoebe English 2010-07-03 2010-07-13 wikimania 4eva
rs Serbia Dungodung sr, en, 2010-07-08 Undecided Will be traveling around Poland after the conference
fr France Jean-Frédéric fr-N,en-3,es-1, 2010-07-08 2010-07-13
uk United Kingdom Jdforrester en-N 2010-07-06 2010-07-13 WikiTrain arrival.
ca Canada Coren fr-N, en-4, es-2, ja-1, de-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-13
Au Australia Witty lama en-N, Sv-1, Fr-2 2010-07-06 2010-07-13 Coming on the Wikitrain!
in India Shijualex ml-N, en-3, ta-1, kn-1, hi-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-14 -
us United States Austin en-N, es-2, nl-1 Organizer
jp Japan Takot ja-N, en-3 2010-07-07 19:35 LO356 2010-07-12 09:00 LO395 @GDN airport.
pl Poland Polimerek pl-N, en-3 2010-07-07 ? 2010-07-11 ? with Wikiexpedition
si Slovenia Amazone7 pl-1, de-3, en-3 2010-07-09 2010-07-12 Giving a presentation about using Wikipedia as a learning aid in secondary education. Will be travelling around Poland after the conference.
si Slovenia Eleassar pl-1, en-3, fr-2, de-1 2010-07-09 2010-07-12 Coming there to help my partner Amazone7 with her presentation. Will be travelling around Poland after the conference.
nl Netherlands Catrope nl-N, en-4, de-2, fr-1 2010-07-07 2010-07-12
no Norway Arrto fi-N, en-3, no-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-11 I will be hosting the panel Minority Languages and Wikipedia. I'm looking forward to meeting you there!
ar Argentina galio es-N, en-3, fr-2, pt-1, it-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
de Germany Raymond de-N, en-4, nl-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-13
de Germany M.L de-N, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-18
de Germany DerHexer de-N, en-3, grc-3, la-3, es-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-18
us United States Mike Linksvayer en-N 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
au Australia Pfctdayelise en-N Monday
USA Unknown country Nwbrewer English July 6th July 11th
sa Saudi Arabia OsamaK ar-N en-2 July 8 July 14
mx Mexico Ivanmartinez es-N, en-2 Thanks for the scholarship. :)
us United States Cbrown1023 en, es-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 not completely sure about arrival/departure yet
uk United Kingdom shimgray en-N, fr-1, es-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
us United States Mindspillage en-N, es-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 I hesitate to say 100% for fear of waking an angry volcano, but I am definitely looking forward to attending...
us United States Stu en-N, es-1, ru-1 2010-07-07 2010-07-11
us United States Walkerma en-N 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
gb United Kingdom Deryck Chan en-4, zh-N, de-1, ja-1 2010-07-07 2010-07-12 Arriving on the Wiki-train
us United States Eloquence de-N, en-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 Also at WikiSym. It will be crazy/fun :-)
us United States [[::m::user:guillom|guillom]] fr-N, en-3, de-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
de Germany Bücherwürmlein de-N, en-3, es-1, (la-2) 2010-07-08 2010-07-13
fr France Ash_Crow fr-N, en-3, de-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
fr France Kropotkine_113 2010-07-07 2010-07-12
be Belgium henna nl/nl-N en-4 fr-2 is-1 de-1 2010-06-21 2010-07-12
no Norway Kjetil_r no, en
us United States Brion VIBBER en-N,eo-3,fr-1
us United States Jodi.a.schneider en-N,fr-1, es-1 - 2010-08-12 Also at WikiSym
fr France Anthere fr-5, en-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 Also attending WikiSym
Germany Unknown country Benedikt Kaempgen German, English 8th of July 2010, 17:30 12th of July 2010, 15:30 Looking forward to my first visit of Wikimania.
FI Finland Cimon Avaro fi-N, en-5, se-2, de-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-14 Travelling on the Finnlines ferry direct from Helsinki to Gdynia which is a local train away from Gdansk (35 minutes). (coming on M/S Finnmaid, and going home with M/S Finnlady) ;-)
FR France Serein fr-N, en-2, de-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
nl Netherlands Multichill nl-N, en-3, de-1, fr-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 Will be presenting Submissions/Batch uploading at Commons.
de Germany rockoprem en-N, de-2 9th afternoon 12th morning Hope to get an accommodation soon!
NL Netherlands Gritzko ru, en 5 Jul 2010 11 Jul 2010 Submissions/Federating_Wikipedia
Fr France bzg Fr, En 7/7/2010 7/11/2010 Glad to come!
it Italy Aubrey it, en 8/07 12/07 Scholarship awarded.
de Germany Raboe001 de-N, en-2 2010-07-09 2010-07-12
es Spain Góngora es-N, en-4, ca-4 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 I did a submission.
cat Unknown country KRLS ca-N, es-4, en-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
ca Canada Eclecticology en, fr 2010-07-06 2010-07-13
de Germany Daniel Herzig de-N, en-3, fr-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
it Italy Nemo_bis it-N, en-2 2010-07-5 2010-07-12
Kenya Unknown country Abbasjnr Swahili and English 8th July 2010 12th July 2010 First time to attend Wikimania. Really excited:-)
ca Canada mrjcleaver en 6th July 2010 12th July 2010 attending http://www.wikisym.org too
us United States Frank Schulenburg de-N, en-3, fr-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 Will also attend WikiSym
US United States Steven Walling en-N 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 Also attending part of WikiSym.
ad Andorra cdani ca 7/8/2010 7/12/2010
Poland Unknown country cienkamila polish, english 09.06.2010 11.-6.2010
dk Denmark fnielsen da, en-3, sv-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 Also attending WikiSym.
us United States econterms en-N, fr-1 2010-07-06 2010-07-12 hopeful for wikis in government and science
es Spain Gustavocarra es-N,en-3,ca-2,de-1,pt-1,it-1,fr-1 9 12
fr France Edhral fr-N, en-2 (?) 2010/07/06 2010/07/12
us United States Howief en-N 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
fr France TCY fr-N, en-2 2010-07-12
pl Poland pundit pl-N,en-4,de-1,ru-1 2010-07-09 2010-07-12
pl Poland Adoomer pl-N, en-2 2010-07-06 2010-07-10
cz Czech Republic Juan de Vojníkov cs-N, en-3, es-3, pl-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
cz Czech Republic Mormegil cs-N, en-2, de-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
AR Argentina cadaverexquisito es-N, en-3, fr-3, de-1 Very happy to meet you all in Gdansk
uk United Kingdom natkabrown ru-N, en-4 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 Wiki for collaborative translations of folk songs, fairy-tales, prayers,etc.
pl Poland Nux pl-N, en-3, de-1 I'm sure I will show up, not sure when.
de Germany Stefan64 de-N, en-3 2010-07-09 2010-07-12
cz Czech Republic Danny B. cs-N, en-3, sk-3, fr-1, ru-1 2010-07-07 2010-07-12
cz Czech Republic Milda cs-N, en-2, sk-2 2010-07-07 2010-07-12
Netherlands Unknown country Effeietsanders nl, en, de-1 2010-07-05 2010-07-13
uk United Kingdom Natkabrown ru-N, en-4 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
il Israel Amire80 ru, he-5, en-4, ca-3, es-2, it-2, lt-1 2010-07-08 evening 2010-07-13 evening
br Brazil Pietro Roveri pt-N, en-2 July 8 July 12 Submissions/The_organization_of_lusophone_Wikipedia
pl Poland Julo pl-N, en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
au Australia Stevenbird en-N, fr-2, pt-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-10 The Language Commons Wiki
pl Poland Blueye pl-N, en-3, de-1, ru-1
us United States thumper en-N 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
de Germany Kurt_Jansson de-N, en-3, fr-1 2010-07-09 2010-07-12
ua Ukraine Erud ru-N, uk-4, en-3, el-1 2010-07-09 2010-07-12
pl Poland Lukaszeq pl-N, en-u 2010-07-11 2010-07-11 I'll be there!
pl Poland masti pl,en-4,de-3,ru-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
us United States Cspurrier en-N 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
ru Russian Federation Ctac ru-N, en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
de Germany 32X de, en-2 2010-07-09 2010-07-11/12
Spain Italy Unknown country Lilaroja - Mayo Fuster Morell EN ES CAT IT 07/07/2010 12/07/2010 Happy to be here
de Germany Mglaser de-N,en-4 2010-07-09 2010-07-12 Blue note, Selenium Framework
ru Russian Federation Dinamik ru-N, en-2 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
Norway Unknown country Gnurkel no-N, en-3 2010-07-06 2010-07-11 PM for Genero and Informed Individual projects
us United States Eekim en 2010-07-06 2010-07-12
Switzerland Unknown country Lupo E / G / F 8.07.10 12.07.10
Pl Poland Magix pl-N, en-u 2010-07-08 2010-07-12
pl Poland Sylwia Ufnalska pl-N, en-4 2010-7-10 2010-7-10 also Wikiexpedition
Bangladesh Unknown country nasir8891 Bengali 2010-07-08 2010-07-15 got the scholarship :-D
cu Cuba emilio25 es-2 2010-07-08 cubana airlines I need a visa to go to Gdańsk. How can i do? Somebody can help me? please callme: +(535)2421461

Maybe (25%-75%)

Probably (75%)

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
nl Netherlands Dedalus nl-N, en-3
cn China zwm0426 zh-N en-4, jp-2, sp-1, fr-1, ru-1, de-1
en Unknown country 04wilsonm en-3 2010-07-01 2010-07-14
cy Cyprus Joejum2002 en-3 July 11 July 18 I really want to be part of it
de Germany Stefan de-N, en-3, es-2, fi-1, pt-1
in India Pramukh Arkalgud Ganeshamurthy English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Konkani Well before time After the event Its my dream to participate actively in this conference but i can attend only with the help of scholarship assistance
eg Egypt ehabmhg Ar-N , en-2 2010-07-09 2010-07-11
ve Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Wilfredor es,en-3 I hope the scholarship will be accepted
in India arjunaraoc en-3, hi-2,te-3,kn-2
es Spain Joseaperez es-N,en-2.fr-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-11
GB United Kingdom Dsvyas Gujarati, English, Hindi 08-07-2010 11-07-2010 Eager to attend, but all depends on approval of Scholarship. Would even love to volunteer in whatever capacity I can, if I am there
Switzerland Unknown country Ustunb English, French 8 July 12 July will seek collaborators to participate in ICD revision.
ro Romania andreionutz en-3, fr-2
United States Unknown country Lbwelch English July 8 July 12
jo Jordan Ramez Quneibi ar-N en-2 - - -
ua Ukraine Perohanych uk-N, ru-4, en-3, pl-3 2010-07-08 2010-07-12 I plan to come by car, I also need invitations for me and my friend
pl Poland Marcin Łukasz Kiejzik pl-N, en-1,5 2010-07-09 2010-07-11
IN India Gurubrahma te-N,en-3,hi-2 08 July 12 July Am most probably there - Would confirm my talk shortly
ch Switzerland Pakeha de-N, en-4, fr-4, it-4 08/09 July 12/13 July Most probably coming by train Sorry, I won't be able to come
EU Unknown country Mentifisto Most likely, if I don't procrastinate to death.
Polska Unknown country kzubik Polski

Unsure (50%)

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
de Germany André Karwath de-N, en-2 2010-07-09 2010-07-11
de Germany Sicherlich de-N, en-3, pl-2 2010-07-09 2010-07-11
ke Kenya Xelawafs en-N, sw-N Hoping to get a travel scholarship from Wikimedia
US United States ike9898 en-N
US United States Elonka en-N, fr-2, es-2, pl-1 Dependent on scholarship request
GB United Kingdom Theamazinchipmunk en-N, de-3, es-3 I do not know when I think I will go or leave ditto I really want to go!!!
DE Germany Purodha en-4, de-N, ksh-N
it Italy Maurice_Carbonaro en-N, it-N, scn-N, fr-2 2010-07-03 2010-07-13 Please get in touch with me so we can discuss if attend this event or not
EG Egypt Ihabelshora ar-N, en-1 Waiting Waiting Waiting for Scholarship Request (REQUESTED)
ca Canada OlEnglish en-N, pl-1 Depending on scholarship request. I can't afford it!
in India P.M.Somani EN, GU
us United States Zobango en-N, es-1 2010-07-08 2010-07-11 I applied for a scholarship. If I get accepted, then I will go
In India literature100 English Depends on the Wikimania scholarship
fr France Darkdadaah fr-N, en-2 Waiting Waiting Hopefully waiting for a scholarship
chile Unknown country Rociovn87 Spanish / English / Portugese I really interested on participate actively in this conference but I can not aford the travel without the help of the scholarship assistance.
GB United Kingdom Lord_Anubis en-N, ar-N, fr-1 Waiting Waiting Pending Scholarship.

ua Ukraine AS uk-N, en-1, ru-4, pl-3
DE Germany itu en-2 , de-N not attending... :(

Probably not (25%)

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
- Jan eissfeldt de-N, en-3, es-2, nl, etc. 2010-07-10 2010-07-10 scientific conferences around
my Malaysia Bejinhan en-N, ms-2 Conflicting prior-planned schedule.
us United States apraetor en-N, fr-2 e^i e^1+2
Lb Lebanon Scorpiondevil en-1,fr-2,Ar-N WikiBlogger project
Ye Yemen email4mobile En-3, Ar-N Might not arrive in time till confirmed flights schedule from Yemen (8-9th July, 2010).
Solomon Islands Unknown country Mlyn m26 English Conflicting schedule for me :) I'll be in touch - ONLINE :))
china Unknown country michael226 chinese
ar Argentina Marianocecowski en-3, es-N

Surely not (0%)

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
FR France ArnoLagrange eo fr de-2 en-2 mi ne rajtas elvojaĝi el Francio
US United States Az1568 en N/A N/A Financial reasons.
hk Hong Kong Pedist zh, en - - I am not be able to attend wikimania this year. Looking forward to see you all in 2011.
fi Finland Yupik en-n, fi-5, other languages visible on en:wiki Outbreak of chicken pox in family; banned from flying. See you at 2011!