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From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

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위키마니아는 여러분과 같은 자원봉사자들에 의해 조직되는 행사입니다! 만일 여러분이 온라인 업무를 통해 이를 돕고자 한다면.

온라인 팀 업무

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  • 온라인 회의를 조직하는 것 돕기.
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자원봉사는 여기에

자원봉사자는 아래에 자신를 추가하여 주세요. 여러분은 자신의 닉네임, 사용가능한 언어, 이전에 관계했던 위키미디어 프로젝트들 그리고 자신이 흥미를 가지고 있는 특정 업무와 같은 당신에 대한 정보 일부를 남기실 수 있습니다.

현재의 자원봉사자들

Online Volunteers
Username Name Languages Areas of interest
User:12afser12 Afser Ali en-N · ta-N · te-N · fr-2 · hi-1 · ml-1 And many other Indian Language translations to English. Online Marketing , translations, designing, Web Design, .
User:Pramukh Arkalgud Ganeshamurthy Pramukh English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali. And many other Indian Language translations to English. To help enhance Information sharing and Information availability and also Travelling, Photography, History, Royalty, Cooking and sports.
Ihabelshora Ihab M. Elshora ar-N · en-1 English to Arabic Translations. And anything can serve.
Email4mobile Tariq Almuhammedi ar-N · en-3 English to Arabic translations and any possible additional support.
Microchip08 (SEWP) Douglas en-N · fr-2 · de-1 Anything :)
MarianoC Mariano es-N · en-3 · sl-3 · it-2 · hr-1 · sr-1 what's needed
Mietchen Daniel de-N · en-4 · fr-4 · ru-4 Expert involvement, scholarly wikis
Ralf Roletschek RalfR aka Marcela de-N · es-2 · ru-1 · cs-1 image law on the Internet, Photography, Wikiversity
Church of emacs Tobias de-N · en-3 Mostly onwiki: list of Attendees, RC patrolling, admin stuff
80686 Manuel Schneider als-N · de-N · en-3 · fr-1 · sv-1 video / audio livestreaming, provide streaming server, help with local setup
Diagramma Della Verita KS Lim ms-3 · en-3 Anything :)
Xelawafs Alex Wafula en-N · sw-N Anything needed...
Salvio Giuliano Salvio it-N, en-3, fr-2 Anything needed
Bejinhan Evangeline en-N, ms-2 Assisting other committees, such as the program committee, in distributing emails and information and other minor tasks.
Sergey Raylyan Sergey ru-N, en-3 Anything needed )
Wilfredor Wilfredo en-3,fr-3, es-N Translation, documentation, technical support specialist, helps participants design. I would like to help you see things necessary
04wilsonm Michael Wilson en-3 Anything that needs to be done.
Greatpham Thao Pham en-N ; vi-N translation, music, art, technical support specialist,anything that needs to be done:>...
Grotiiy Yigit Guneli tr-N,en-3, sv-1 Mainly translation.


vikrantt Vikrant Tomar en-3 Anything needed, mainly translation. :)
lucy351132 Louise Cummings en-N I specialise in logistics, planning and procurement )
Maurice Maurice Carbonaro en-N · fr-2 ·

it-N · scn-N

Assisting other commmittees and volunteers, document translation,

sports planning (jogging at least 20 mins in the morning would be nice),
technical support specialist,
mp3 recording of interviews,
privacy advisor.

Joshua Chisolm Joshua Chisolm Computer Repair Foley Alabama en-N · Computer Repair and diagnositcs Foley Alabama,

Education and informational in the field of technology,
technical support specialist,
Computer Networking Specialist,
Business/Home Media Center design,

User:Ulughmuztagh Felipe gonzalez en-N],[:es:|es-N enviromental education, digitalComunication, Help translate, professional Photography, design, create new articles.)
iva.ea Ivona Milanovic English, Croatian Translation
UnknownReporterGroups Jeremy Nossiter English, Norsk, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, Bringing upon content and resource to provide further understudy under the Agreement of site compliance Asif Ali Yaqubi English , Urdu , Pushto and Villages Information Sharing. To help enhance Information sharing and Information availability and also Travelling, Photography, History, Royalty, Cooking and sports.
JosephTanDy Joseph Tan Dy Multilingual. To help on information QUALITY AND AVAILABILITY improvements.
Cruz-iglesia cruz English, Hindi, Spanish Computers, Sports and everything under the sky!
Black.Papermoon Isabel Spanish (mother language), English and French To help translating from English into the Spanish mainly, but also French. Also gathering informaiton about Travelling, Eating, Shopping and the like.
ALEDIA17 Alejandro Dias English, French and Spanish. Help translate, Travelling, Photography, Cooking, Poltics, Socials networks, etc
Essam Sharaf Essam Sharaf English & Native Arabic. Translation to Arabic (But need directions on what to translate) & any other task you need !!
Usamah M. Ali Usamah M. Ali English & Native Arabic. Wikification, translation (English to Arabic), copywriting and PHP coding.
MADe Maarten nl-N, en-3, fr-3 Anything needed...
indexum indexum ro-N, en-3, ru-3 translation to ro<->en, ru<->en,
Deryck Chan Deryck zh-N, en-4, de-1, ja-1 Translation en<->zh(t,s,yue) and proofreading for ja and de if needed. However my progress will be slow until my exams finish on 8 June. Also can help in anything during the Wikimania itself.
Vikrant Sakharwade Vikrant Know english, marathi and hindi. Can also translate some text from sanskrit to english. Also learning german and spanish language. Electrical and Electronics engineer. Can help proof read and edit articles related to electrical engineering.
Pierpao Pierpaolo it-N, en-3, de-2, es-1, pt-1 Translation
Rajeshkmr7 Name (Rajesh Kumar) languages you speak (English, Hindi, Malayalam) what you want to do (Proofing, Editing, Rewriting contributions in english language. Validating management related entries)
Kidkart72 Joseph M. Volk English, some Spanish Online work, Weather, Editing thing on the web
zeeshi 99 Dr. Syed. mohd. Zeeshan English, Hindi, Urdu Medical related articles, Ancient Greek/Roman history & Mythology.
bjcunningham BJ Cunningham English Editing, grammar, punctuation; medical content editing. Proofing. Rewriting contributions in English. Open to helping with anything that needs to be done.
romal jose Romal Jose english, malayalam, hindi, tamil technical articles,online work,translations,promotion of events,promotional videos
derzawy Ahmed Derzawy English, Arabic I can help in translation, Open to helping with anything needed If I can.
Nemo Nemo it-N, en-2 Categorization, addition of video recordings and slides to this wiki
Herbowicz Herbowicz pl-N, en-1, de-2, es-3, fr-3, ru-3, English-Polish translations mainly