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Hi Everyone!!!Thank you very much for visiting my page!!! First is some information about me:


My name:You can call me Zom ( This's just my nickname, but I prefer it, so...)

Age: Right now, I'm 15

Job: Student, of course:D

School: Foreign Languages Specialized School for the gifted Hometown: Hanoi Nationality: Vietnamese

Current Academic Level: Vietnamese Grade 10th

Dreams: Philips Exeter Academy, Philips Academy Andover, Taft, St. Paul, The Gunnery,Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Business, Finance, Management, Design, Money!!!!Oooh!!!!Lots of money

Graduate year: 2012 Fears: Study in Vietnam, 2012,...

Favorites: Candies, Ice-creams, movies, musics,... dislike: Boys,...

Hope these short information may help! If you have any further question, Just leave me a message, note, or a question right into this article. Thanks for viewing:D:D:D

My Favorite

A bow of Pho. Soooooo Delicious

Like I've said above, I like candies, ice-creams, movies, musics,...but they're not only what I like. I like and I want more8-}

Contact me here

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