World Cup Viewing Locations

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

This is a page dedicated to informing Wikimania 2010 attendees of locations where they can meet-up with other Wikimedians to watch the World Cup Final (Spain Vs. the Netherlands). Please include a description of the space, tv type/size, location, how many can fit in the space, and a sign-up sheet. The sign-up sheet will inform attendees which other Wikimedians will be in which locations!

Big Location

Hi all, we are trying to get a big venue (100-150) people arranged this morning, keep watching this page for updates!

update... Apparently this did not work out :(

Que Pasa

  • Location: Que Pasa: Chmielna 101, Gdansk Poland
  • Space: A gay/straight crossover bar with a red/black motif that covers all surfaces. If you’re here early finding a seat shouldn’t be a problem, and allows for a quick scan of the saucy photographs, but take note space becomes premium as the night wares on. The bar can accommodate about 60-80 people but is likely to be filled with locals watching the game. Drinks range in price from 6-20pln.
  • TV Type/Size: The TV is a flat screen with an unknown size (probably 36-40inch). The viewing language will be Polish.
  • How many can fit: Depending upon how many locals are in the bar we can probably accommodate 10 wikimedians who can sit and another 10 who may wish to stand. The earlier wikimedians arrive the more seats we will get.

Old Town Center Dlugi Targ between Powroznicza and Miezczanska

  • Location: [Dlugi Targ between Powroznicza and Miezczanska
  • Space: An open outdoor stage with seating for around 600-700 in the main city center of Gdansk. Surrounded by hotels, beer gardens, and restaurants. The space will be filled with locals and wikimedians.
  • TV Type/Size: Huge stadium screen
  • How many can fit: As many as you want.

JB's Backup Plan

Should thhe square prove to busy I can harbour 15 people in secret location :)

So far: Melissa Sarah Sue Kul + 2 spanish guests Bishakha Roan Gerard Siebrand Marjon