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From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010
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organizing wikimania

Hi Harel, I am Bea from Wikimedia Argentina , maybe we could schedule a meeting or an informal panel regarding wikimania and how to deal with such a hughe responsability! We'd be very happy to help you with this. After our experiencie in Buenos Aires 2009, we have a lot to share with the rest of the community. Let me know what you think about this, and if we could be of some help regarding Haifa 2011!! and congratulations for the initiative!! :D --MotherForker 16:36, 24 May 2010 (UTC)Reply

Hi Bea! Thanks a lot for your initative. I also got your e-mail. I think we need to meet together - people from the Haifa team, anyone available from the Gdansk team, you and some WMF Wikimania specialist like Phoebe. I don't think this has to be part of the official conference program, just an informal meeting. But we need to set aside time for this, we'll all be busy with other stuff and generally excited about attending a Wikimania again, and we have to make sure this doesn't slip by. Once the conference program for after-hours (evening) clears out, we'll try to schedule something specific. How many people from the Buenos Aires team will attend Gdansk? Harel 17:16, 24 May 2010 (UTC)Reply
Hi, from Argentina, at least two people: Isha and me. I an pretty sure that Patricio Lorente will also join us. I hope more of us could make it, but I don't know yet. --MotherForker 04:00, 25 May 2010 (UTC)Reply