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User:OsamaK/Personal notes

From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010

These are short thoughts I had (and, for most of them, wrote down) during talks.

  • Brainstorming Wikimedia and social media
    • When we use other services (i.e. Google Search) we need to make sure that we notify users that they are handling their data to providers with different privacy policies.
    • Facebook can be used for more than just unified login.. to send updates. (though I strongly disagree with this usage)
  • Mediawiki internationalization and community feedback
  • Interlanguage links in Wikipedia: current problems and future development
    • Centralized repository for interwiki links is a great idea.
  • Wikipedia Books: How Offline Improves Online
    • Books show the missing, duplicated and unimportant parts about certain topic in Wikipedia.
    • The current extension does not support right-to-left languages yet.
  • Truth in Numbers? audience comments
    • Sue Gardner: when you watch the film without audio, you will notice that most people criticizing Wikipedia are old, white men. They don't want to see the world changing, but that is happening. The movement is driven by the new, young generation.
    • We aren't children, see how many old people in this room.
    • Wikipedia is also very important to other languages which don't have as many encyclopedias as English (encyclopedias such as Britannica).
    • Wikipedia is not a bad way to create human knowledge, see how other secretly- and centrally-made, censored resources.
  • Free culture workshop:
    • Don't be against something, be with what you fight for (i.e. open government, open data and even free culture/software)
    • Speak from a citizen's perspective not activist's (i.e. in fighting copyright)
    • Wikipedia is the best known example for what free culture can do.
    • There is no obvious way for people working in free culture to make money (at least not as obvious as a lawyer volunteering a little time to write a Creative Commons license) and that should be considered in promoting it.