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Note: I've decided not to attend Wikimania, unfortunately; so I'm withdrawing this proposal. Apologies to those who signed up to express interest. -Yaron

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"Corporate MediaWiki: Opportunities and Challenges"

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Yaron Koren

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United States

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Over the last five years, MediaWiki seems to have become the dominant wiki application within corporations and other organizations. Interestingly, this has happened despite an almost complete lack of marketing or evangelism of MediaWiki. Instead, it's been due mostly to the positive example provided by Wikipedia, as well as the robustness and extensibility of the software. The use of MediaWiki as enterprise software poses a set of challenges in adapting the software for various uses, but it also presents opportunities for work such as training, consulting and custom development. This talk will present thoughts about the current use of MediaWiki within organizations, as well as thoughts about possibilities, both technical and other, for increasing and capitalizing on such usage.

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