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From Wikimania 2010 • Gdańsk, Poland • July 9-11, 2010
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* ar/العربية (published)* cs/čeština (missing) * de/Deutsch (published)* el/Ελληνικά (published)* en/English (published)* es/español (published)* eu/euskara (published)* fi/suomi (published)* fr/français (published)* ia/interlingua (published)* it /italiano (proofreading)* hu/magyar (missing) * hy/հայերեն (published)* ja/日本語 (published)* ko/한국어 (published)* mk/македонски (published)* ms/Bahasa Melayu (missing) * nl/Nederlands (missing) * pl/polski (missing) * pt/português (published)* ro/română (published)* ru/русский (published)* tr/Türkçe (published)* scn/sicilianu (published)* sv/svenska (published)* th/ไทย (published)* uk/українська (published)* za/Vahcuengh (missing) * zh-hans/中文(简体) (published)* zh-hant/中文(繁體) (published)

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The Wikimedia Foundation projects

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For journalists wanting to get information about Wikimania, please email the Wikimania Press Team. You may also like to read our FAQ which may answer some common questions.